Keeping kids entertained indoors is one of the hardest tasks as a parent! Yes, you can buy games and toys, but this can become quite expensive, and most parents know that kids get over their toys in a couple of minutes. To help you keep them busy, here are 5 DIY indoor games to play to keep kids entertained!

These games can all be organized at home with some household items, and should cost next to nothing while being super fun for the kids!

Balloon Tennis

Balloon Tennis

Balloon tennis is ideal to play indoors, there is literally 0 chance that the kids could break something when using a balloon as a ball!

To DIY this game, take two paper plates and glue handles onto the plates. This could be spoons or popsicle sticks – whatever you have lying around.

Blow up a balloon and let the kids use the paper plate paddles to hit the balloons back and forth in the living room.

It is just as fun as playing tennis outside, but much safer to play indoors!

Bottle Bowling

5 DIY Indoor Games To Play To Keep Kids Entertained Bottle Bowling

Bowling is simple enough for the kids to do on their own, and is perfect if you need them to play by themselves for a bit.

You need to have a couple of water or soda bottles collected, six or more are best. You can paint the bottles in different colours or paint them to look like pins.

Get a soft ball and let the kids roll the ball and knock over as many pins as possible. For older kids, you can have a score sheet just like with real bowling!

Would You Rather Jar

Would You Rather Jar

Would You Rather is such a fun game, and gets kids thinking! To make a Would You Rather Jar, you need to write down lots of Would You Rather questions on a piece of paper, and cut these into little strips.

Place these question strips into a Would You Rather jar and the kids can have turns picking questions out of the jar, and everyone takes their turn answering.

It is a non-physical game, but kids absolutely love it!

Nerf Target Shooting

Nerf Target Shooting

If you have a Nerf-fanatic at home, this is the ideal game.

Take a cardboard box and turn it upside down. Stick toilet rolls on top of the cardboard box, either single or doubles to have different heights. Cut out little pieces of paper with different scores and stick these onto the toilet rolls.

Place plastic balls on top of the toilet rolls and set a distance for your kid to shoot from. They get 5 shots a turn, and you total how many points they have overall depending on which balls they shoot off.

Rock Pet Painting

Rock Pet Painting

Grab a couple of rocks and some paint and let your kids create their own rock pets. They can paint on faces and clothes if they want, and then create a little bed for the rock pets using old cartons and cardboard boxes.

The kids can get really creative with this, and it is a pet that is super easy to look after!


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