Homeschooling can go one of two ways – it can be a great experience for you and your kids, or it can turn into a chore than neither of you want to do each day. To ensure your homeschooling experience is more fun than a chore, here are 5 ways to make homeschooling more fun.

Play Games

5 Ways To Make Homeschooling More Fun Play Games

Games aren’t just for fun – they can be incredibly educational as well. You can either make up some games as you go or even play board games such as Scrabble. The games you play will be dependent on your child’s age, but incorporating games into homeschooling is a way to keep your children entertained and involved.

Games can give you many teachable moments, including:

  • Early literacy skills
  • Verbal communication skills
  • Math skills
  • Learning to win and to lose
  • Cooperation
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Critical thinking skills

Every child loves playing games, so it is no doubt that incorporating games into your homeschooling schedule will make it a fun experience for everyone.

Involve Music

5 Ways To Make Homeschooling More Fun Involve Music

There are so many different ways to incorporate music into your homeschooling routine. It helps children get in touch with their creative sides and really does help to improve the mood.

Here are some ways to incorporate music into your homeschooling:

  • Play calming and soothing music in the morning
  • Play stories and songs for comprehension skills
  • Have dance parties – this helps build muscles and improves coordination
  • Have actual music lessons from a professional – teaching your child how to play a certain instrument
  • Use music for playtime – have different fun instruments for your child to experiment with

The possibilities for music in homeschooling are endless, so get creative!

Daily Art Time

5 Ways To Make Homeschooling More Fun Daily Art

Don’t just stick to textbooks and study guides, include art into each teaching lesson every day. The great thing about art is that it is completely open to interpretation, so today’s art might be painting your family, while tomorrows might be picking flowers from the garden to make your own bouquet.

The art you set for your child will be dependent on their age, but it is such a great way for them to explore their creative side, and is a great teaching opportunity for things such as colours, shapes, and textures.

Museum Tours

Museum Tours

You can go on multiple museum tours without having to leave the home. Some of the best and most popular museums around the world offer free virtual tours, and you can take your children on tours through natural science museums, art museums, and history museums. It is a great way to expand their learning horizons from the comfort of your home and helps them learn about a wider range of topics in an incredibly fun and interesting way.

Go On Field Trips

Field Trips

Homeschooling does not mean you never leave the house. Field trips can become a regular thing for you and your children, and the best part is you can take the field trips whenever you want, and enlist the help of your partner or family as well. These can include trips to museums, historical sites, the aquarium, pretty much anywhere that fits into the curriculum of learning.

Use these 5 ways to make homeschooling more fun, and to encourage your child to be excited about learning every day!

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