The count down to the big day has begun, and all your thoughts are about finally getting to meet your little baby! The last trimester is the time to start finishing up all the preparations for your newborn, but it is also when pregnancy brain is in control! It can be easy to forget what you need to do, and instead focus on other tasks that aren’t so important. To help you be ready for the big day, here are 7 things to get done at home before your baby arrives!

Stock Up The Freezer

Once your baby arrives, there won’t be much time to cook delicious homemade meals, and you won’t want to be spending your time slaving in the kitchen anyway. However, your body will be recovering and you need to eat! Try to build up a freezer stash of frozen meals (either bought or homemade) in your last trimester, making dinners much easier with a newborn at home.

Get Your Baby’s Room Ready

Don’t leave your baby’s room to the last minute. If your baby has a separate room, try to make it as quiet and dark as possible. Hang blackout curtains, and look to purchase a white noise machine. This will help to create a soothing sleeping space for your baby. Make sure to check that you have created a safe sleep space with these tips.

Baby-Proof Your Home

You need to say goodbye to sharp table edges and glass vases. Anything that is breakable or has sharp edges needs to be removed or placed up high. You can purchase baby-proofing items that help to protect against sharp edges, and help to keep cupboard doors closed to little hands.

Secure Furniture And Loose Bits

Try to secure any furniture down that might tip and fall if pushed or pulled by your baby. Make sure to cover up any electric sockets with baby-proof covers. Remove any dangling cords, whether they are from window blinds or lampshades. If it means you have to crawl on the floor to check for any dangers, then that is what you need to do!

Get Your Baby’s Clothes Ready

You will probably have quite a large pile of baby clothes from your baby shower to pack away. Do this early in your third trimester – you can never be too prepared. Wash and fold away newborn clothing, and pack away the bigger sizes for when your baby needs them.

Prepare The Changing Station

Your baby is not going to wait for you to sort yourself out when they have a dirty diaper! Prepare the changing station before they arrive home. Have a changing station with diapers, cream, wipes, and other essential items you might need.

Get The Bath Ready

Whether you are preparing to bath your newborn in their own separate tub, or in your bath with a bath seat, make sure to have this all ready before your baby is born. Make sure towels and toiletries are close by and within reach, so that bath time is made a little easier.

7 Things To Get Done At Home Before Your Baby Arrives

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