You can never be prepared enough for a colicky baby, and parents who have had one understand how difficult it can be. The constant crying can take parents to their breaking point, when all you want to do is remain calm and help your little one. It can seem impossible at times to stop the crying and fussing, but here are 7 ways to deal with colic.

Colic usually goes away at around the four-month mark, but before then, here are some things to try to soothe your baby.

  1. Try Baby Wearing

7 Ways To Deal With Colic Try Baby Wearing

Babywearing, whether it be in a sling, a wrap or just holding your little one, is an easy and effective way to soothe colic. Studies have shown that babies are less fussy when worn, and the more a baby is worn, the less they tend to cry.

  1. Keep Moving

7 Ways To Deal With Colic Keep Moving

Most babies find that motion is soothing, so try different techniques such as using a swing, a bouncy seat, going for a drive in the car, or even just walking around and swaying. Once again, babywearing makes this easy to do, and you can carry on with other tasks while keeping your little one close and in motion.

  1. Take A Look At Your Diet

Take A Look At Your Diet

For breastfed babies, colic could be caused by what you are eating and drinking. Certain foods such as cow’s milk, nuts, and eggs can cause your baby to be uncomfortable and fussy, so look to cut these out. For babies who are on formula, you could try switch to a hypoallergenic formula.

  1. Give Your Baby A Massage

7 Ways To Deal With Colic Baby Massage

Your baby might be crying due to being uncomfortable from gas bubbles. As babies cry, they swallow in air, which causes more gas. This therefore causes more pain and crying, in a never-ending circle. You can gently massage your baby’s abdomen to relieve this pain and discomfort. Try using baby-safe massage oil with calming scents such as lavender.

  1. Swaddle Your Baby

7 Ways To Deal With Colic Swaddle Your Baby

Swaddling helps babies feel relaxed, cosy, and comforted, similar to when in the womb. Often swaddling can help to calm your baby down and hopefully soothe them enough to stop crying.

  1. Change Bottles

Change The Bottle

A bottle change might bring about some improvement in your baby. There are bottles designed specifically to help with colic. These bottles have a special air and liquid exchange system, which reduces how much air your baby takes in when drinking. This then decreases gas bubbles and discomfort.

  1. Try Your Best To Stay Calm

Try Your Best To Stay Calm

Your limits will really be tested with nonstop crying and fussing. As difficult as it might be, you need to stay calm. Colic is a stage of development, and while your baby might be uncomfortable, they are not in danger. If you feel like you aren’t managing, you should look to get help. Ask family or friends to watch your baby so you can have an hour on your own. However, you need to let them know what to expect. You can also look to join a mums group online that connects parents of colicky babies. The support will be so helpful and reassuring!


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