Planning a camping trip is so exciting! The kids will love to be able to sleep in a tent and explore the great outdoors. However, camping with kids can be tricky, and there are some extra tips you need to make your family holiday easier and stress-free. To help, here is a beginner’s guide to camping with kids!

Camp At Home First

A Beginner’s Guide To Camping With Kids Camp At Home First

If your kids have never been camping before, you need to help them feel comfortable with the idea of camping. Pitch a tent out in the garden or in the lounge and let them explore the tent, and even sleep it in overnight.

This will get them comfortable sleeping in the tent, and hopefully, make them feel a little more at ease when you do go away. You should also spend a day out at a park to get your kids used to spending more time outdoors as well.

Let The Kids Pack

A Beginner’s Guide To Camping With Kids Let The Kids Pack

If your kids are old enough, you should give them the responsibility of packing their own camping bags. This will work easier if you create a list for them to follow, and then double-check it afterward.

Give your kids different coloured bags for them to keep their camping items in, and make it their responsibility to look after this camping gear and their own special items.

Pack The Food They Love

A Beginner’s Guide To Camping With Kids Pack The Food They Love

Camping trips can be made so much more enjoyable if you have packed the right treats and food! Ask your kids what they would like to take along to eat, and take them to the shops to buy some treats for the trip.

Make sure to pack some ready to eat snacks, so that you don’t have to spend too much time trying to cook outdoors while they moan about being hungry!

Choose The Right Campsite

Choose The Right Campsite

It is so important to choose a campsite that suits your family. Find somewhere where there are amenities for your children, such as playgrounds, streams, beaches, or swimming areas. It is also so important to choose a campsite with flushing toilets and hot showers when you have kids!

Start off with very comfortable campsites with lots of amenities. You can work your way up towards more extreme and remote campsites as your kids get used to camping.

Set Safety Rules

Set Safety Rules

One of the first things you should do when you arrive at a campsite is to create safety rules for your kids. Set clear boundaries of where they can and can’t roam, and what they should do when they get lost.

Make sure to cover all bases with them. It is a good idea to give them a whistle to keep around their neck, for them to alert you if they are lost or in trouble. A headlamp is a great item for them to carry around.

Scout the site for hazardous areas, such as a fast-moving stream or a steep bluff, and set rules around these.

Keep The Kids Involved

Keep The Kids Involved

After a long day of outdoor activities, it can be exhausting having your kids help cook dinner with you, or having to take much longer setting up the tent with their help, but you really should keep the kids involved.

Give them their own camping chores to get done and try to teach them the basics of camping. Assign them age-appropriate tasks to make them feel involved and excited for the next trip!

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