About Us

Australia’s site for mums. Follow us for great content – news, lifestyle and informative articles, product reviews, recipes, and lots more!

We know how busy parenting can get, so we are here to make it easier for you. Learn, take a break and enjoy.

Our Vision, Mission and Values Statements are as follows:


To provide Australian mums with the ultimate network for information, fun content and support. To become the go to network for parental advice, healthy recipes and family fun. Tailor made for mums.


We are currently establishing ourselves as a media company, providing tailor made content for mums. Our target is growth through social media, website development and through word-of-mouth.

Great quality content is our main focus, we seek to expand and take over existing mums and dads social networks and media groups by offering the best content all the time, appeal to mums of all backgrounds and also provide affordable pricing for advertisers which will be the main source of revenue. 


  • Compassion
  • Integrity by being equitable, transparent and accountable
  • Commitment to the community – tolerance, fairness and respect
  • Focus on teamwork, customer focus & innovation