It can be really difficult to figure out all the breastfeeding essentials you need. There are so many ‘essential’ items online and in the shops, and other mums will try and overwhelm you with advice for what you do and don’t need.

There are some breastfeeding items that you really do not need, and others you will not be able to live without.

Make sure you don’t waste money and effort purchasing breastfeeding items you won’t need, and instead follow the below list to stock up on the most essential breastfeeding items.

Nursing Bra

All The Breastfeeding Essentials You Need Nursing Bra

You have to invest a bit into a good nursing bra. A reliable and comfortable nursing bra will be your best friend while breastfeeding and will offer unrivalled support throughout the day, and easy access for your baby to feed no matter where you are. Padded nursing bras also help to contain any leakages which might happen, which is so helpful for when you are out in public.

Nursing Pads

All The Breastfeeding Essentials You Need Nursing Pad

So many mums battle with leakages or an oversupply of breastmilk, and you really can’t control when these leakages happen. It can be quite overwhelming to deal with constant leakages, so using nursing pads can help keep it under control, and prevent milk from seeping into your clothes.

Nipple Cream

Nipple Cream

You will probably need nipple cream from day one, as this is when your nipples will be tender, sore and maybe even cracked. It can be difficult to nurse through the pain, and many moms stop breastfeeding because of this, but a good nipple cream will help get your nipples back to normal, and the cream will soothe the pain and moisturize the skin.

Nursing Cover

All The Breastfeeding Essentials You Need Nursing Cover

Many mums are not comfortable with open feeding in public, so a nursing cover is incredibly handy to keep in your baby bag. You should look for a nursing cover instead of using a normal blanket, as nursing covers were made to be light and breathable enough to cover your baby without causing them to become hot or feel smothered, while still giving you the privacy you want to breastfeed in public.

Feeding Pillow

Feeding Pillow

A feeding pillow will benefit both you and your baby. The pillow works to position your baby comfortably during feeding. This helps to give your arms a break from keeping your little one propped up. It also helps support your baby in different positions, which is needed to encourage latching at a younger age.

Burping Cloths

Burping Cloth


Breastfeeding can be messy, with oversupply and leaks, not to mention your baby needing to be burped after each feed. To help clean up spills and other messes, you should purchase a few good quality burp cloths to keep close. Make sure the burp cloths you purchase are absorbent, and can be washed in the machine.

The Essentials And More

Having the essentials is so important to ensure both you and your baby keep comfortable during your breastfeeding journey. Staying comfortable also ensures that it is an enjoyable time for you both. To treat yourself a little, keep a tablet and some snacks with you during the longer breastfeeding sessions. This will help to keep you entertained and happy!

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