Your little one isn’t so little anymore, and they are now on the move! All the hard work you put into making your home safe for your baby now needs to be redone. Your toddler is on the move, but they are notoriously clumsy as they learn to walk and enjoy their new freedom. You need to stay one step ahead of them! Baby-proofing is over – toddler-proof your home!

Safety For The Toddler On The Move

Babyproofing Is Over – 12 Ways To Toddler-Proof Your Home Safety For The Toddler On The Move

As they learn to move around on their own and then explore every corner of the house, there are bound to be falls and bumps. Minimize the injuries by following the below safety steps:

  • Place gates on the stairs until your toddler is old enough to use them confidently.
  • Move furniture away from windows to prevent your toddler from climbing up onto them. Place safety locks on the windows to prevent your toddler from opening them up.
  • Put padding on sharp corners to avoid nasty bumps and clear the floor of toys that they could trip over.
  • Fit safety film over patio doors to prevent them from shattering on impact.
  • Make sure that pools and ponds are covered with proper safety covers and that any paddling pools are completely emptied after use.

Things To Remember When Toddler-Proofing

Babyproofing Is Over – 12 Ways To Toddler-Proof Your Home Things To Remember When Toddler-Proofing

The below list of things to remember when toddler-proofing are things we often forget to do, so make sure to consider them when ensuring your home is as safe as possible for your little whirlwind.

  • Fit child safety locks on kitchen drawers and cupboards. There are so many dangerous items in the kitchen, it is best to make it impossible for your toddler to access these.
  • Place pans on the back of the stove with the handles turned away from the front. This is to ensure your toddler cannot grab a hot pan.
  • Cover all fireplaces and radiators with a fireguard.
  • Do not leave hot drinks such as tea or coffee out where your toddler might reach and grab them.
  • Make sure there are no loose wires or cords hanging around. Wires from lamps could be pulled down and the lamp could injure your child, or cords from blinds might pose as a choking hazard and could wrap around their neck or other limbs.

Pack Dangerous Items Away

Pack Dangerous Items Away

While toddlers have a little more sense than babies, they still like to put pretty much everything in their mouths. Make sure to always be aware of choking hazards and potential poisons.

  • Keep small objects such as jewellery, beads, coins, and keys out of your toddler’s reach. Also, remember to check your handbag for these items in case they go digging.
  • Make sure all medicines, garden chemicals, and household cleaners are kept locked away and out of reach. Remember to also keep scissors and nail files hidden away where your toddler cannot grab them. Childproof bottle tops are not always effective, so don’t rely on these to keep your toddler out of products.

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