Being a working mum is like having two fulltime jobs that you are completely committed to, and it is a nearly impossible task to try and balance. It can be exhausting and it can be thankless at times, both as a mum and as an employee, and it can really get to you. Balancing a career and a family as a working mum is tough, but it is doable!

However, you deserve the possibility to pursue a fulfilling career, while still enjoying your role as a mother, and finding a balance is the best way to do this.

Here are a few tips to help you, a working mum, balance the two sides easier:

Avoid Mum Guilt

Balancing A Career And A Family As A Working Mum

There is so much judgement out there, for mums who work full time, and for mums who choose to stay at home. This judgement can often get to you, and guilty feelings of leaving your children for the day to work can often have such an effect on you. Avoid any feelings of mom guilt, and instead, focus on the positives. Remember you are making the best choice for your family and yourself, contributing to both your family and your future.

Be Time Wise

Balancing A Career And A Family As A Working Mum- Be Time Wise

As a working mum, there is very little time to spare in the day. You need to make the most of the little spare time you have, plan strategically and use some clever shortcuts.

This might mean ordering groceries online for delivery, scheduling conference calls during your commute or using your lunch break to get some errands done.

The night before work, plan your outfits and prepare your family lunches. Meal prep on a Sunday afternoon. All of these hacks help you save a significant amount of time during the week.

Find The Right Childcare Providers

Find A Childcare Provider You Trust

So much stress will be cut from your life if you find childcare providers that you trust. You do not want to be spending time during the day worrying about your children and who is caring for them, so finding a childcare provider who you trust fully will remove this excess stress.

Stay Organized

Balancing A Career And A Family As A Working Mum

Between afternoon sports, work meetings and parties, it can be really difficult keeping on top of everyone’s activities, including your own. Have a calendar with all your family’s activities, and then include any work commitments. This will help you maintain a schedule and not have last-minute surprises.

Create Family Time

Create Family Time

It is so important to make a special time with your family. Organize a family picnic in the living room once a week, go for walks on the weekend or plan a family games night every now and then, where you can take your mind off of work and focus on spending time with your family.

Be Open With Your Manager

Be Open With Your Manager

As it happens, mums are the primary caregiver most of the time, for when a child is sick or has some sort of an appointment. Be open with your manager and try to find a way to make time for both. Whether it be skipping lunches to pick up your child or something similar, maintaining a good line of communication with your manager will keep things open and less stressful. You will need some help along the way balancing  a career and a family as a working mum.

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