Now more than ever, most of us are looking for a way to earn extra money from home. If you are wanting to move away from working for someone else, you could look at starting your own business.

The problem with this is that most businesses cost quite a bit to start, and finding this capital is never easy, not to mention that the business is not always guaranteed to work.

To help you out – here are businesses you can start with next to no money!


Businesses You Can Start With Next To No Money Drop-Shipping

Create your own online store with drop-shipping. It is a great way to keep your risk low and not have to keep actual stock on hand.

With drop-shipping, you can set up your store to sell goods directly from a manufacturer or wholesaler, so you do not have to spend money on buying a load of stock.

There are some great platforms online that will help you create an online shop, which costs very little per year. These tools are easy to use and give you the basics you need to run your store. With some reading and research, you should be able to do this all on your own without professional help.


Businesses You Can Start With Next To No Money Cleaning

Cleaning – a job so many don’t want to do, so they pay for it! If you do not mind getting down and dirty and cleaning up other people’s messes, then a cleaning job might be perfect for you.

If you use your client’s vacuums and other tools, you would just need to supply some of the cleaning products, which are not too expensive.

Advertise your services on local groups and the phone will surely start ringing soon!

Dog Walking

Businesses You Can Start With Next To No Money Dog Walking

Dog owners are always looking for someone to take their dogs out for a walk during the day while they are at work, and if you love dogs, this is the ideal job for you.

Walking dogs costs you nothing, and not only will it add to your bank balance, but it is a really rewarding job and you have a reason to walk for exercise each day!

You can walk up to 6 dogs at a time if you are confident enough, and this could make you some seriously good money.



If you have some teaching experience or are quite knowledgeable in a certain field, you could look to offer to tutor either to local people in your neighbourhood, or online.

You could advertise and run this on your own, or you could join an online agency. More and more people are looking for help with their academic work and learning a new language, and you should be able to match your skills up to a student wanting to learn!



Life is so busy, not everyone has the time to tend to their garden, but everyone still wants their hedges trimmed! Advertise a gardening service in your local area. It could be for weekly grass cutting and trimming, or once-off clean-ups.

If your rate is good and your service is reliable, you could land up with some long term clients, and plenty of referrals!


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