If your baby is due to arrive soon, why not consider a beautiful Christmas name? For so many different reasons, this is the most wonderful time of year, and what better way to celebrate the birth of your baby than with a name suitable for this wonderful season? To help you choose, here are some Christmas inspired baby names!

All parents know how difficult it can be to choose a baby name, and having a list to look at really does help. You might also want your baby’s name to mean something, so here are some beautiful Christmas inspired baby names, and their meanings!

Angel/Angelica/Angelina – These names all mean Angel

Anwar – Meaning ‘one who is as bright as light’

Balthazar – One of the Three Kings

Bianca – Meaning ‘white’ or ‘shining’

Carol – Like a Christmas carol

Casper – One of the Three Kings

Celeste – Meaning ‘heavenly’

Celyn – Meaning ‘holly’

Christian – A follower of Christ

Claus – Meaning victorious people, or it could represent Santa Claus!

December – For the month of Christmas

Eira – Meaning ‘snow’ in Welsh

Estella/Estelle/Stella – Meaning ‘star’

Eull – Another word for ‘Yule’

Eve – Meaning living, or like Christmas Eve

Gabriel/Gabriela – After the Angel Gabriel

Grace – Effortless beauty

Holly – From the holly tree

Jasper – One of the Three Kings

Joseph – Means ‘God shall add another’, or Joseph, husband of Mary

Joy – For the joy at Christmas time

Khanya – Xhosa name meaning ‘shine bright like God’

Lux – Another word for ‘light’

Mary – Either meaning the star of the sea or Mary mother of Jesus

Natalie/Natalia – Means ‘Christmas day’

Neva – Meaning ‘snow’ in Latin

Noel – Meaning ‘Christmas time’ or ‘Angel’

Noelle/Noella – Meaning ‘Christmas’

Nora – A name for ‘light’

Rudolph – Like the wonderful reindeer!

Star – The star followed to find Jesus or the star atop a Christmas tree

Tannon – Adapted from the Christmas carol ‘O’ Tannenbaum’

Winter – Like the season winter

Greenery Inspired Names

Christmas Greenery Inspired Names

If you absolutely love Christmas greenery and all the beautiful plants that are around that time of year, you might want to look for Christmas greenery inspired names, here are some beautiful options:

  • Amaryllis
  • Garland
  • Holly
  • Ivy
  • Juniper

Gift Inspired Names

Christmas Inspired Baby Names Gift Inspired Names

Your baby is the greatest gift of all, and Christmas is a time for gifts! Here are some names that mean gift from different origins:

  • Amani – Meaning blessing – Arabic
  • Edith – Meaning rich gift – Teutonic
  • Isadora – Meaning gift of Isis – Greek
  • Jana – Meaning gift from God – Hebrew
  • Jesse – Meaning God’s gift – Hebrew
  • Keona – Meaning God’s gracious gift – Hawaiian
  • Matthew – Meaning gift of god – Hebrew
  • Ohanna – Meaning God’s gift of grace – Hebrew/Armenian
  • Shay – Meaning a gift – Hebrew/Irish/Celtic/Gaelic
  • Suday – Meaning gift – Hindu
  • Theodore – Meaning God’s gift – Greek
  • Zane – Meaning gift from God – Hebrew

Christmas Inspired Baby Names

Christmas Inspired Baby Names

Whether you are looking for an obvious Christmas inspired baby name or one which just hints at the festive season, you are sure to find a beautiful, fitting name for your Christmas baby in the list above.

It is the most wonderful time of the year – and what better time to welcome a baby!

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