Any woman who has been pregnant knows that almost everyone, and their granny, will tell you to expect a boy because you suffer from morning sickness, or to expect a girl due to heartburn, and that you should avoid peanuts by all means possible! There are so many different pregnancy myths passed down through the generations, which just aren’t true. To help pregnant mums wade through the stories, here are the most common pregnancy myths debunked.

Myth: There Are Signs That You Will Have A Boy Or Girl

Common Pregnancy Myths Debunked There Are Signs You Are Having A Boy Or Girl

This is simply not true. Some of the signs that supposedly tell the gender are how the baby is sitting in your belly, or whether a wedding ring spins on a string when held over your tummy. None of these methods are true, no matter how convinced someone might be. The odds are pretty even that you will have a boy or girl, so the myths do sometimes seem to be true, but it is just luck.

The only reliable way to find out the gender of your baby, without any serious tests, is through an ultrasound scan, and this isn’t even always correct!

Myth: You Need To Eat For Two During Pregnancy

Common Pregnancy Myths Debunked You Need To Eat For Two

You are not growing a full-sized adult, so eating for two really does not make sense. Overeating is actually unhealthy and can put stress on your body, and be harmful for both you and your baby. The most important thing to remember when it comes to your diet is that it should be well-balanced and healthy.

Myth: Heartburn Means A Baby With Hair

Common Pregnancy Myths Debunked Heartburn Means A Baby With Hair

If you battle with heartburn during pregnancy, chances are someone has told you that your baby will be born with lots of hair. Heartburn is very common in pregnancy, and there is no way to say whether this is caused by a baby with lots of hair, as many mums who have had heartburn give birth to babies with no hair!

Myth: You Should Not Hang Washing On The Line When Pregnant

Do Not Hang Washing On The Line

Some women believe that hanging washing on the line might cause the umbilical cord to move, and even wrap around your baby’s neck. This is not true. There is no evidence to believe that reaching up above your head while hanging washing will cause the umbilical cord to do this. Chat to your doctor or midwife if you are unsure. They will be able to tell you whether an activity is safe for you or not.

Myth: You Cannot Exercise During Pregnancy

You Can't Exercise During Pregnancy

You can still exercise during pregnancy. There might be some heavy exercises that you want to avoid but chat with your doctor or midwife. They would be able to say what would be safe for you to do. Some wonderful exercises actually help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, which could help with an easier natural birth!

Myth: You Should Not Have A Cat In The House When Pregnant

You Can't Have A Cat

Cats can carry a disease called toxoplasmosis, which can be harmful to your unborn baby. However, this does not mean you should rehome your cat when you fall pregnant. You just need to avoid contact with your cat’s faeces, which is where the disease is spread. Use gloves when cleaning the litter box, or have someone else clean it.

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