There are so many things to prepare for when you are having a baby, but the one thing couples aren’t prepared for once their baby arrives is the relationship struggles that arise. Between sleep deprivation, finding your footing, new emotions, and a baby who needs attention 24/7, it can be so easy to let your relationship with your partner fall to the side. Connecting with your partner after your baby is born is so important to strengthen your relationship.

If you are currently in this situation or are worried that this might happen once your baby arrives, just know it is completely normal. Almost all couples go through a rough patch in the early days, but there are some practices you can put in place to connect with your partner after your baby is born, further strengthening your relationship.

Take A Moment To Connect Every Day

Connecting With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Born Connect Each Day

All you need is 5 to 10 minutes a day to sit and connect with your partner. Whether this is taking a stroll together as your baby naps, or enjoying a cup of coffee together in the morning. These 5 minutes should not involve talk about your baby, as hard as that is, but rather about each other, your day and anything else relevant.

Be Affectionate

Connecting With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Born Be Affectionate

You will find yourself very short on time when you have a newborn, they need attention throughout the day, and if you aren’t tending to their needs, you are washing bottles, preparing dinner and doing other work at home. This can all become too much, and you can easily forget to be affectionate. A small hug or text to your partner will help to show each other that you still care, and will keep the thread of love and connection alive.

Make A Date

Connecting With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Born Make A Date

There is so little time to worry about going on dates when you become a parent and life as you know it probably feels like it’s over. This does not have to be the case. You do not have to go out every weekend, but try to make a date once a month to spend time with your partner, whether it be for coffee down the road while your baby naps with the babysitter, or dinner at a restaurant when your baby is with a family member. Make a date and stick to it.

Be Understanding

Connecting With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Born - Connect

It is so easy for mums to be completely consumed, timewise and emotionally, by their new baby. Fathers often feel pushed to the side because of this, and it is often made worse when they feel like they cannot contribute as much as mum. Try and understand things from your partner’s perspective, help them feel involved, whether it be at bath time, with nappy changes, or burping the baby. Do not overwhelm yourself by trying to spread your attention evenly between them, but have a little empathy and see it from their side as well.

Staying Connected

Being a parent is tough, especially when your baby depends on you so much. It will take some patience, understanding, and a little effort, to maintain the connection you have with your partner. But once you have some more time on your hands, you will be thankful that both of you put the work in to maintain a healthy connection.


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