Do you feel like you are constantly cleaning? Here is how to organize your home!

With kids at home, it feels like keeping your house clean is an impossible task. The moment you clean up, someone else makes a brand new mess.

The good news is that cleaning really does not have to feel like such an overwhelming task. If you feel like you are constantly cleaning, these few handy tips can help you change the way you clean, and help to keep your home neat and organized, with minimal clean-up time.

Put Things Away

Constantly Cleaning? How To Organize Your Home!

Putting something away once you are done with it saves you from having to put it away later, along with the twenty other items that have piled up. Not putting items away is one of the main reasons a house seems messy or cluttered, and it is something that can be tackled throughout the day with minimal effort. Leaving your shoes by the door or dishes in the sink might seem like small issues, but they can add up into a big clean up the next day.

Clean One Room At A Time

Constantly Cleaning? How To Organize Your Home! One Room At A Time

The easiest way to ensure your house is kept clean is to clean one room at a time. Splitting up the cleaning by rooms, on different days of the week, you will be able to get a little bit done at a time without feeling overwhelmed doing all the rooms together.

Tackling one room a day also allows you to be more motivated to clean, as it won’t seem like such a mountain to overcome, and is a perfectly doable task for the day.

Keep To A Schedule

Constantly Cleaning? How To Organize Your Home! Keep A Schedule

Creating a cleaning schedule is one of the best ways to ensure that your house is clutter-free. Create a list and keep it on your fridge or desk to keep you organized. Include everything that needs to be done in your house, and when it needs to be done by.

When you break down small household tasks into daily, weekly and monthly time frames, you will be able to stick to them easier and keep your house clean throughout the year.

Power Clean

Constantly Cleaning? How To Organize Your Home! Power Clean

You will thank yourself so much once you get into the routine of doing a quick power at night. Only spend 10-15 minutes at night to clean up and declutter.

You can even try and involve the whole family.  Get each person to power clean a certain room each night. That way you will wake up in the morning to a relatively clean and decluttered house, and you would have taken care of most of the cleaning already.

Make Tidying Up Easy

Constantly Cleaning? How To Organize Your Home! Make Tidying Up Easy

Nobody really enjoys cleaning up, so making it even harder for yourself will put you off even more. Don’t hide the toy baskets behind the bed! Have one big toy basket open in the room to easily pack toys away. Use open containers for items you use often. This not only makes them easy to access, but easy to put away as well.

Keeping Clean!

A few simple cleaning tricks can make such a difference with decluttering and cleaning your home. They also help keep it that way. After a while, it will become a habit and cleaning will be a breeze. You should try to get the whole family involved in helping clean each day!

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