Getting your kids excited about cooking and being in the kitchen isn’t that difficult! You just have to be a bit creative with the activities you plan for them in the kitchen, and how you let them help out. These cooking ideas to get the kids excited in the kitchen are all safe for them to do, and give you a pair of helping hands when cooking dinner or baking treats!

Trying to get your kids more interested in helping in the kitchen is more than just finding some fun recipes for them to prepare. Look for ways to involve them in the process of prepping and cooking every day, even if it is just helping with some minor preparation.

Here are some ways to get them involved in the kitchen, and learning the ins-and-outs of cooking and baking from early on!

Ideas To Get Kids Involved In The Kitchen

Cooking Ideas To Get The Kids Excited In The Kitchen

  • When baking, allow your kids to cream butter and sugar together with their hands. This is such a messy process, but one that the kids will absolutely love!
  • Spread some baking paper or newspaper over the countertop and allow the kids to draw some pictures and designs on the paper with leftover flour.
  • Teach your child to crimp the edges of pie crusts next time you make a pie. You could also use some leftover pastry to make smaller pie crusts, and get them to practice their crimping skills on their own.
  • Be creative with food colouring, and use it as a lesson in colours! Help your child learn about mixing colours together, and let them add red and blue together to make purple icing. It is a fun and practical way for them to explore colours.
  • Make some bread together using yeast. It is a good teaching opportunity, and your child will love watching the bread rise, and then punching it back down again! For older children, this is quite a fun science experiment.
  • Place the contents of a batter into a plastic sealable bag and let your child mix the ingredients together by squishing it all up. You can then cut the corner of the bag to pipe the contents out.
  • Cut the corner of a plastic bag after filling it with icing to create icing crayons for your kids. They can use these to decorate cookies, cakes, and cupcakes however they want.
  • Look for some fun cookie cutters to keep in the kitchen. The kids will love cutting out their own shapes out of some cookie dough they have made.
  • Clean up time is important as well. Get the kids excited about cleaning up by putting their favourite song on. See if they can place all dirty dishes in the sink and wipe up before the song finishes.

Get Kids In The Kitchen

Get Kids In The Kitchen

Spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking with your kids is so important. Not only does it offer some bonding time together, but it gets them using their hands and moving around. They will be learning how to cook and bake some delicious food! These cooking ideas to get the kids excited in the kitchen are great for a budding chef!

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