If you are looking to start a new craft, but don’t want to spend months mastering the basics and spend a small fortune setting yourself up, then you might want to have a look at our list of crafts that are easy and cheap to start!

The list below should have at least one craft that catches your eye!


Crafts That Are Easy And Cheap To Start Crochet

Get the notion out of your mind that crocheting is only for old ladies! Crochet is pretty simple to learn, and with a few YouTube tutorials, you should be crocheting some cute pieces in no time.

You also need very little to get crocheting. First, you will need a crochet hook, which should be the right size to match the pattern and the yarn you are using. Do not choose a small hook to start, as this might be difficult to learn with.

You will need some yarn to create what you want, and a pair of scissors!

Paint By Numbers

Crafts That Are Easy And Cheap To Start Paint By Numbers

For those who like purchasing craft kits, painting by numbers is a great option. It is as simple as can be. You choose a picture you like and purchase the kit.

The kit should come with the printed outline of the image with numbers showing what colours to paint where, a paintbrush or two, and the right paints labelled to correspond with the numbers on the painting.

You can skip many years of learning how to paint, and create stunning pieces of art from day one!


Crafts That Are Easy And Cheap To Start Cross-Stitch

Cross-stitching is such a great craft, and the possibilities of what you can create are endless.

You can either purchase a complete cross-stitch kit online, with everything you need to complete a pattern (which could be the picture printed onto the cross-stitch pattern or a counted pattern), or you could buy everything individually and create your own patterns.

There is really only one skill to get started with cross-stitching, and this is how to do a simple cross-stitch. To start cross-stitching, you will need needles, fabric, thread, and embroidery scissors. You might also want to purchase a hoop or frame to help with tension when stitching.



Macramé is a craft that is making a huge comeback. It reared its head in the 70s, and almost every household featured macramé hanging décor, but it fell out of fashion again.

Now, many people are taking up macramé as a craft because it is easy, relaxing, and produces some beautiful pieces.

To start with macramé, you would just need a roll of twine or hemp cord, a pair of scissors, and some safety pins. Watch some tutorials on YouTube and find some DIY patterns online.

Candle Making

Candle Making

Who doesn’t love candles? If you love having candles in your home, then you should try out candle making.

For candle making, you would need some wax to melt down, a wick for the candle, essential or fragrance oils, a double boiler to melt the wax, and some moulds for the candles.

With a few basics, you can make a wide array of different scented and shaped candles, to either keep at home, to gift, or to sell!

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