Your baby cannot sit in your arms all day, as much as they might want to. They need their own time to move around, explore, and discover how to play on their own. Letting them play on their own is so important for many developmental processes, and helps them grow both physically and emotionally. Giving them time to play on their own also frees you up a bit to get stuff done. Creating a safe play space for your baby is the best way to let them explore and play on their own!

Creating A Safe Play Space For Your Baby

Always Offer Supervision

As safe as you make your baby’s play area, you should supervise them at all times, or have someone else do so. Someone should be keeping an eye on your baby at all times. It is amazing what babies can get up to if left alone for even a minute!

Choose A Safe Area

Your baby’s play area should be in a safe area in the house. It should be away from stairs and other furniture. Make sure there are no items nearby that can be toppled over or pulled on. If your little one is mobile or learning to move on their own, make sure that there is nothing they can pull up on or try to climb up.

Cover Electrical Sockets

Check the area to see that there are no open electrical sockets, or that any sockets are covered up with childproof covers. It is better to place the play area in a room with no sockets close by, but the childproof socket covers do work well if needed.

Remove Cords And Blind Strings

Ensure that there are no dangling cords nearby. This includes curtain and blind drawstrings. Remove anything that might be a strangulation hazard to your baby, and any strings or cords that could be pulled and cause something to fall over.

Clean The Area Well

Your baby will probably put everything they find into their mouths, so make sure to thoroughly clean the area before your baby plays each day. Anything on the floor will be placed in their mouth, so make sure it is as clean as possible. Dust could also cause allergies, so dust the area properly.

Offer A Smooth, Even Play Surface

Do not place your baby on a surface that isn’t smooth and even. As your baby learns to crawl or walk, they will be falling over a lot and need an even surface to practice. To create the perfect play surface, you could place interlocking foam mats down on the floor. They are soft, but still firm enough to support your baby.

Choose The Right Toys

You might be tempted to offer up a wide variety of toys, but this isn’t always the best option. Be picky with the toys you choose, and adhere to age suggestions given to the toys. Do not give your baby toys with small parts. Offering too many toys at once might also be overwhelming for your baby, and could lead to them not playing with any toys at all.

Safe Play Space


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