There are unspoken rules that every parent needs to know when it comes to drop-off and pick-up at school. For new school parents or those who need a refresher after a long break, here are the drop-off and pick-up rules for parents to live by.

Following these rules not only make the days easier, and drop-off and pick-up run smoother, but it helps the children get used to a routine and helps them, and you, find it easier to say goodbye in the morning without drawing it out!

Drop-Off And Pick-Up Rules For Parents To Live By

Always Be Kind

There is no way to tell what other parents or children are going through, and while they might have a smile on their face, a kind word might be all that they need to give them a little pick-me-up. No matter how much in a rush you are, or if you woke up on the wrong side of the bed, be kind and give a hello. Be understanding for mums who have left the sports kit at home, or who are running late. Empathy is a must, and there is no reason it cannot be used during pick-up and drop-off!

Know The Traffic Rules

Don’t be that parent that drives against the flow of traffic or who parks in the obvious no-parking area. If every parent follows the traffic rules, the morning drop-offs and afternoon pick-ups will be so much easier. Not only does it help these times move more smoothly, but it ensures that everyone is driving safely to not endanger the children. No matter how late you are, abide by the rules. Remember to try not to irritate the lollipop man either, they will be around for the whole year and you will be seeing them every day!

Don’t Worry About Your Clothes

Whether you work in the city or are going back home to clean in your sweatpants, wear what you need to and don’t worry about any judgey looks from other parents, and don’t be the one giving out judgey looks!

Work On Your Small Talk

Some mums are rushing off to work, and others can take their time as they are just going back home. If you find yourself stuck with a mum who likes to chat, you need to work on your small talk. Don’t be rude, but choose some safe bets to keep a little conversation going. You should try to keep it simple enough to get away quickly without being rude. A simple “last nights storm was crazy!” is good enough before moving on!

Improvising Is Accepted

Nobody wants to have to deal with their kid being late, and seeing their breakfast smudge on their chin after you told them to wash it off might send you over the edge. Don’t panic, a simple lick and wipe can fix it all! All parents use this technique, and nobody will bat an eye at drop-off!

Kiss Your Kids Goodbye

Take the goodbye and hello kisses while you still can, they might not be offered for too much longer. Instead of rushing the kids off, take the extra 30 seconds needed to kiss them and tell them to have a good day.

These drop-off and pick-up rules for parents to live by will make the school years much easier!

Kiss Your Kids Goodbye

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