If you suspect you might be pregnant, but it is too early to take a pregnancy test, or you simply have to know before you can get your hands on one, there are some early signs to look out for. While the early signs of pregnancy cannot confirm 100% that you are pregnant before taking a test, they are a good indication of whether or not there is a chance that you might have a bun in the oven. These are some early pregnancy signs for when you can’t wait to take a test.

Some early pregnancy symptoms are similar to the symptoms of PMS, but if you are experiencing some new symptoms, it might be a good sign!

Tender Breasts

Early Pregnancy Signs For When You Can’t Wait To Take A Test Tender Breasts

Your breasts are usually the first body part to start reacting to pregnancy. Your breasts might start to feel sore, full, tingly, and even painful to the touch. This can happen within a few days of conception and is due to a rise in oestrogen levels. While tender breasts from conception feel similar to PMS breasts, they stick around for longer.


Early Pregnancy Signs For When You Can’t Wait To Take A Test Fatigue

Due to higher levels of pregnancy hormones, you might start feeling sluggish and sleepy. While fatigue can be caused by stress and change in sleeping patterns, compounded with other early pregnancy signs, it could be a good indication.


Early Pregnancy Signs For When You Can’t Wait To Take A Test Nausea

Morning sickness is one of the most well-known, and most-hated, pregnancy symptoms. Most people don’t realize how early nausea and morning sickness can start. This is from a rush of new pregnancy hormones, around 4 weeks after conception. Not every woman will experience morning sickness, but it is quite a good sign of pregnancy.

Darkening Areolas

Darkening Areolas

Darkening areolas is a pregnancy sign that cannot be confused with PMS. From early on, you may notice that the circles around your nipples, the areolas, darken and become larger following conception. They might even develop little bumps, which are small glands that will eventually help lubricate your nipples during breastfeeding.

Sensitivity To Smell

Sensitivity To Smell

When newly pregnant, some women experience a heightened sense of smell, once again caused by an increase in oestrogen. Sensitivity to smell can also be a side effect of PMS, but it seems to be more pronounced when it is caused by pregnancy.

Frequent Urination

Frequent Urination

Needing to urinate often, much more than usual, or just feeling like you need to, is an early sign of pregnancy. Frequent urination can start as soon as two weeks after conception, as your kidneys start to filter out extra waste in your body. There is more pressure placed on your bladder as your uterus grows, and an increase in progesterone, which also results in you constantly feeling like you need to use the bathroom!



Most women are familiar with the annoying and uncomfortable bloating that comes around once a month, but bloating also happens to be a sign of pregnancy, as it is caused by the pregnancy-induced hormone progesterone. Progesterone slows down your digestive tract, which traps gas inside your intestines and leads to bloating!

These signs and symptoms don’t all happen to every woman, but they are worth looking out for as an early indication of pregnancy!

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