The coronavirus pandemic is here, and we are all having to make adjustments to deal with quarantines and self-isolation. Flattening the curve of the virus means a two-week quarantine for most, and for parents, this can be a very trying time. Be prepared with this list of essentials items for a two-week quarantine.

In order to stay safe, and sane, during a two-week quarantine with your family, there are some essential items that you should stock up on, to see you through 14 days at home.

Essential Food Items

Essential Items For Quarantine - Essential Food Items

One of the most common reasons we go to the store every day is to purchase food. Avoid this need to visit the shops by stocking up on the right food to have on hand for the two-week quarantine.

Dry goods – Dry goods are perfect to keep for a quarantine. They will last for an extended period in the pantry and are really easy to throw into a pot and cook up. Dry goods to stock up on are beans, rice, pasta, and cereal.

Canned food – While canned goods might not be as tasty as the fresh variety, they will last you through your quarantine. Canned foods to purchase are soups, fruits, beans, and vegetables.

Fresh foods – Thankfully, the fridge is there to keep your fresh food safe. Choose some fruits and vegetables that will keep for longer in the fridge, so you can space them out throughout your quarantine to enjoy during meals or as snacks. Meats can be kept frozen for an extended period in the freezer.

Frozen meals – The hours might start dragging, and the days might start feeling longer as you are all stuck inside together, so an easy frozen meal might be really helpful on the more difficult days. Pop those into the microwave and you will have a meal ready for the whole family in next to no time.

Drinks – If you are a coffee lover, you will want to stock up on your caffeine fix. Grab an extra bag of tea, an extra few bottles of juice, and water to keep in the pantry.

Stock Up On Soap

Essential Items For Quarantine - Stock Up On Soap

If you are going through a two-week quarantine at home, you do not need to worry about hand sanitizers flying off the shelf. Instead, purchase a few bottles of hand soap that can be used to give your hands a thorough scrub for 20 seconds over the sink.

Hand sanitizer is only helpful if you are moving in public spaces and need a quick wash, whereas washing your hands with proper hand soap is much more effective, and you will be at home anyways.

Hygiene Supplies

Hygiene Supplies

Other hygiene supplies to buy for your quarantine are dish soap, laundry detergent, and toilet paper.

If you have young toddlers or babies at home, you will also need to make sure you have a good supply of formula, baby food, diapers, and wet wipes.


Essential Items For Quarantine - Medication

Try and get a two-week supply of prescription medication if possible. You should also stock up on other over-the-counter medications to keep, such as cold and flu meds, pain killers, and even a backup supply of contact lenses.

Pet Supplies

Pet Supplies

Don’t forget about your pets! Make sure you have enough food, litter, and other supplies to see you and your pets through two-weeks at home.

Stock Up, But Don’t Panic

While it is essential that you stock up on the above items to make your two-week quarantine easier for both you and your family, you should not hoard items. You will probably have some of the items at home already, so there is no need to clear out the shelves at the stores, leaving others without.

With all your essential items and a little bit of patience, you will be able to effectively see out the two-week quarantine, and do your bit to flatten the curve.

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