With winter knocking, you need to make sure you have all the essential winter items for your newborn to get through the colder months. It can be really difficult leaving the house in winter with a newborn baby, trying to ensure they are kept warm and protected from the chill in the air. You might also be kept up at night wondering whether or not they are warm enough.

Along with all the essential items you need for your newborn baby, here are some extras that will help them keep warm during winter, and help you stress a little less about whether they are warm enough or not.

Newborn Winter Clothing

Essential Winter Items For Your Newborn Winter Clothing

The first on your list should be winter clothing. You need to start with the basics and work from there. It is best to have your little one wearing warm clothes than to have them wrapped up in countless warm blankets. You still need to be able to strap them in their car seats and feed them with ease, and multiple layers of blankets won’t make this easy.

Here are some must-have winter clothing basics for your baby:

  • Long-sleeved onesies – these work well to not have any part of your baby’s skin exposed to the cold, such as a shirt might expose their tummy.
  • Sleeper onesies with footies – these help to keep their feet warm without worrying about them kicking their socks off.
  • Hats – baby hats and beanies help to keep them extra warm. Look for hats with ear flaps for when it is especially crisp outside.
  • Booties – Don’t try to put formed shoes on your baby, they are often uncomfortable and don’t keep in warmth. Booties are perfect for cold days.
  • Wearable blankets – These can be fit snug onto your baby, and ensure they don’t kick their blankets off during the night.

Newborn Winter Sleeping Essentials

Essential Winter Items For Your Newborn Sleeping Essentials

You will need to make a few changes to their bedding and crib when winter rolls in, to ensure they are kept warm at night, but to also prevent overheating.

  • Fitted sheets – fitted sheets are always a must for a crib, but look for winter fitted sheets that are a little thicker to provide extra warmth.
  • Warmer blanket – You should not leave loose blankets in your baby’s crib, so either swaddle them tightly in a warm blanket or use a warm sleeping blanket or swaddle blanket to keep them warm throughout the night.
  • Heater – if it is especially cold at night, you could use a heater to warm up the room a bit. Do not leave this too close to the crib as it might cause your baby to overheat.

Must-Have Health Essentials


Winter comes with colds and sniffles, so have some essential health items on hand to ensure you can see to the needs of your little one.

  • Nasal aspirator – A nasal aspirator will help keep your baby’s nose clear, which could then help them feed or sleep easier.
  • Humidifier – winter air can be dry and can dry up your baby’s skin and nasal passages. A humidifier will help moisten the air in their room.
  • Thermometer – As winter brings more sniffles and colds, it is good to keep a thermometer at home to be able to check your baby’s temperature. A forehead thermometer is a good option for a baby who might not want their temperature taken another way.

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