Pregnancy and breastfeeding can take its toll on your body, and many moms notice that their breasts are much saggier once their child has weaned off breastmilk. There are ways of firming up saggy breasts after breastfeeding, so you can inch closer to your pre-pregnancy body again!

Hot and Cold Showers

Firming Up Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding Hot And Cold Showers

If you want your breasts to firm up quickly, you should change the temperature of the water when you shower. Alternating between hot and cold water stimulates blood circulation, which helps your breasts perk up and stay firm.

With this method, the blood circulation is very beneficial, but the firming will only be temporary, and is best for when you need a quick pick me up!

The Right Bra and Posture

Firming Up Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding The Right Bra And Posture

Most mums know that the right nursing bra makes such a difference. You might find that you have to replace your old bras now that your breasts have probably changed size and shape, but it is worth it. You will really benefit from the extra support, and this helps to stop your breasts from sagging.

When feeding your baby, it is important to maintain good posture as well. Try not to be too bent over, as this causes pressure on your breasts and puts a strain on them, which could lead to sagging.

Breast Massage

Breast Massage

This is one of the most comfortable ways to firm up your breasts! Breastfeeding helps to provide stimulation to your breasts, but this stops when your baby weans. To keep up the stimulation, you should practice breast massage.

Gently massage your breasts from all directions. This will increase blood circulation, which helps to revitalize and support breast tissue.

It is a good idea to use almond oil or olive oil for the massage. These have incredible nutrients that can work towards strengthening skin and muscles.

Breast Creams

Breast Creams

There are some lovely creams on the market that help to firm up skin after breastfeeding. These are usually made from fenugreek or palmetto. They have properties that help to tighten up the skin, which gives the skin a smoother and firmer texture.

A Healthy Diet

Firming Up Saggy Breasts After Breastfeeding Healthy Diet

Your diet will change during pregnancy, to breastfeeding, to once your baby has weaned. You need to remember that even though you don’t need as many calories and nutrients, your body still deserves a healthy diet.

To help improve muscle tone and to promote supple skin, you should eat items that are rich in vitamin B and vitamin E. Cut down the amount of animal fat you are eating, as these can add weight to your breasts and cause them to sag further.

Light Exercise

Light Exercise

You can follow a good, healthy diet, but you won’t notice too much difference if you don’t perform targeted exercises.

Exercise is the most natural way to get your breasts to be firm and in shape again. There are muscles beneath the fat in your breasts that can be worked and exercised to improve the appearance and tone of your breasts.

Do exercises such as push-up, press-ups, and other chest-targeted areas. It is always best to have a trainer to help with this!


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