Keeping your kids busy at home can be really tricky, and you need to find fun things to keep them entertained and away from the TV and other screens. To help you keep your kids entertained and doing worthwhile activities, here are some fun crafts ideas for kids using household items!

Egg Carton Succulents

Craft Ideas For Kids Using Household Items - Succulents

If you don’t trust your little one with a living houseplant yet, why not get them to make a few out of cardboard?

Gather some old egg cartons and help your kids cut them into different succulent leaf shapes, and stick them together. Once they resemble little succulents, mix some different shades of green paints together and let your kids get painting!

Plastic Bottle Bracelets

Plastic Bottle Bracelets

Don’t throw away your empty plastic bottles! Cut the bottom section into different sized circles, and use old wool to wrap around the bracelets. Your little ones can practice their fine-motor skills and can come up with different colour combinations and patterns.

These make great gifts for grandparents, aunts, and friends, and are a great way for your kids to express their sense of style.

Bottle Cap Flowers

Craft Ideas For Kids - Bottle Cap Flowers

Collect up all your old bottle caps. These make for great garden decorations and last a long time as well.

Place one bottle cap in the centre, and then place six bottle caps around the centre one to form a flower. Stick these together using a glue gun (only to be used by the parent). Then let your kid paint the flower petals with different colours and patterns. Place these onto a wooden skewer stick and dot them around your garden for some extra colour.

Succulent Fridge Magnets

Succulent Fridge Magnets

This is a great way to get your kids to show off their creative craft side. Collect some corks over time and cut out the top centre of the cork. Add in a tiny bit of soil and place a small succulent leaf inside. Stick a magnet to the back and you have some stunning succulent fridge magnets!

Toilet Roll Creatures

Craft Ideas - Toilet Roll Creatures

Make some cute and scary characters from old toilet rolls. Get the kids to cut out eyes, teeth, hair, arms and legs (and whatever else they want their creature to have) and get them to stick them onto the toilet rolls.

Have Fun Crafting

Not only will these crafts keep your little ones busy during the day, but they will also help them learn the importance of recycling.

Why not see if your kids can come up with a few ideas to make crafts out of household items? Get their creative juices flowing!

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