Gender reveals are always so exciting – whether you do them at home on your own or with a group of family and friends. A baby is a huge deal – and finding out whether you are expecting a boy or girl helps you get their nursery and clothes ready! There are some really fun gender reveal ideas, and we have gathered up some of the most exciting and unique ideas for you to choose from!

Paint Hand Prints

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas Paint Hand Prints

This is a simple, yet really cute gender reveal idea. All you need is either blue or pink paint (depending on what you are having), and a white shirt.

Your partner, or even your other child, can paint their hands in the right coloured paint – pink for a girl, blue for a boy, and place their hands onto the white shirt you are wearing, on your pregnant belly. When they remove their hands, there will either be blue handprints or pink handprints, signalling either a boy or a girl!

This can be done in front of guests, or you could do the handprints before. You could reveal the colour by taking off an outer layer of clothing and revealing the blue or pink paint.

Balloon Box

Fun Gender Reveal Ideas Balloon Box

This is a super popular idea and for good reason! Balloon boxes are such a beautiful way to find out what you are having. You will need the help of the balloon store or a trusted family member or friend if you don’t want to know the gender before the reveal.

Either pink or blue balloons are loaded into a sealed box, and this is held shut with pink and blue ribbon. You and your partner untie the ribbons, and either pink or blue balloons float up into the air! Remember to make sure you get helium balloons, or there will be no floating.

Balloon box launches make for great photo ops!

Dartboard Balloons

Dart Board Balloons

The dartboard balloon reveal is perfect when both mum and dad want to be involved. You can custom build a cardboard dartboard, and then have up to 10 balloons filled with paint. Most of the balloons will be filled with white paint, but one will be filled with either blue or pink. Take turns popping the balloons with darts until the coloured paint is revealed!

Another option is to fill all balloons with pink and blue paint. Have the most balloons filled with the correct colour. Once all the balloons are popped, the colour that was in the most balloons is the right gender.

Smoke Grenades

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are perfect if you want an amazing photo! Take the envelope with the gender of your baby to a party shop. Ask them to give you the correct colour smoke grenade. Gather all of your family and friends (and a photographer), wear a pretty white dress, and let the smoke grenade go off. Either blue or pink smoke will spray out and make a dramatic announcement of the gender of your baby!

Smoke grenades are safe for pregnant mums, just make sure to purchase them from a reputable store!

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