All of us could do with some fresh air and time spent outdoors, and no one will be more grateful for this than your kids who have been stuck inside! Why not take advantage of the outdoors and use it as an opportunity to get some extra learning and exploring in? Here are fun homeschooling activities to do outside!

The kids will love spending time outdoors, and with some structured activities, they are less likely to become bored and will have the opportunity to see that learning doesn’t have to be confined to a desk. It also gives you a chance to have a change of scenery when teaching as well!

Track Cloud Patterns

Fun Homeschooling Activities To Do Outside Track Cloud Patterns

Depending on your child’s age and where they are with their studies, you could take them out twice a week to track cloud patterns.

You could lay a blanket out in the garden and lay back (if the weather is good). Get your child to observe the clouds for a few minutes. They can either draw the clouds and describe what type of clouds they think they are (e.g. rain clouds) or they can use the scientific names for the clouds if they are old enough.

They could even create a cloud journal to keep track of the changing clouds.

Identify Trees, Plants, and Animals

Fun Homeschooling Activities To Do Outside Identify Trees, Plants and Animals

You can do this in your back garden or take a walk to the local park if there is one close. Take a notepad and get your child to write down the different trees, plants, and animals they see. This could be bugs and birds too.

Help your child to identify these with books or by searching online. This helps them become familiar with the nature surrounding them, and you could incorporate some fun facts with the different plants and animals for extra lessons!

Set Up A Vegetable Patch

Fun Homeschooling Activities To Do Outside Set Up A Vegetable Patch

Having a vegetable patch is so important for young minds. Not only does it get them outdoors and growing their own food, but it teaches them about the cycle of life, and all that goes along with growing vegetables, fruits, and plants.

You can designate a patch of land for your child, and together research which vegetables or herbs would be best to grow. Buy the seeds and let your child plant them, documenting as the seeds turn to sprouts, then plants and eventually grow some vegetables.

It is a wonderful way for them to learn how to grow their own food, and it is a fun natural science project to do which is so rewarding at the same time!

Dance In The Rain

Dance In The Rain

This is more fun than anything, but if it is raining outside, and there is no thunder or lightning, get your kids to put their boots on and get outside.

They will absolutely love the freedom of being able to play in the rain!

They will be able to smell the scent of fresh rain and watch as the plants are rained on and as muddy puddles form.


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