Fundraising at school can be such a fun and rewarding activity to get involved in, and you can really make a difference with some great fundraising ideas. The only problem is that it can be so difficult to come up with fundraising ideas! To help you with this, here are some great fundraising ideas for your kid’s school!

Bake Sales

Great Fundraising Ideas For Your Kid’s School Bake Sales

This does not seem like the newest, most inventive idea out there, but do not underestimate the power of bake sales! Kids go absolutely mad over cake and brownies, and they are willing to spend some good money getting to enjoy these during the day!

To push sales even further, you can host the bake sale after school, and invite parents to buy some treats as well. They are more likely to spend a larger amount of money than kids, and you can even sell some tea and coffee for them to enjoy as well. Set out tables and chairs in the garden to encourage them to stay (which leads to them spending more money!)

A Carnival Day

Great Fundraising Ideas For Your Kid’s School A Carnival Day

It can be so much fun to host a carnival day! Yes, it is a lot of work to get done, but if you pull in lots of people to help, you should be able to pull it off easily.

Think of traditional carnival activities, such as apple bobbing, bouncing castles, three-legged races, and a petting zoo. You can sell entry tickets, and then have some food on sale as well.

It might be a good idea to get the kids to host their own tables, where they can sell some crafts of their own.

Art Auctions

Art Auctions

Most of us aren’t attending too many art auctions, so hosting one at school can be a great way to raise money, and for the parents to have some fun.

You will need to start planning this early in the year and try to delegate art pieces to different parents. Get the kids involved in decorating different pieces that can be auctioned off. These could be items such as kitchen trays, ceramic plates, and even large sun umbrellas. For younger kids, you can paint their hands and stamp their handprints all over.

Parents, as we all know, are suckers for their kid’s artwork, and will bid quite high to get their kid’s creations! There can be individual pieces and then larger group art pieces on auction.

Engraved Bricks

Engraved Bricks

If the school has some space, you could look at setting up a sponsored brick wall. There are lots of families that would like to leave their mark at the school when they leave. To do this, families can purchase a sponsored brick, which will be engraved with their names and placed on display on the brick wall. You could maybe then charge extra to add colour to the bricks if they want them decorated.

You can build on these walls for ages, and it is a continuous way to keep fundraising!

Movie Night

Movie Night

It is always important to get families together for fun nights, and this ties in well with fundraising. Try to set up an outdoor movie night, with a kid-friendly movie that the whole family will enjoy.

Each family can bring their own blankets and pillows, and purchase tickets to watch the movie. You can sell food on the night or they can bring their own picnic baskets.

Use these great fundraising ideas for your kid’s school to help make a difference!


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