Planning a baby shower is such an exciting process. It seems to make the whole pregnancy a little more official, and it is a way to spoil the mum to be and her new little bundle. With so many different baby shower ideas around, it can be difficult to choose one that will be both unique and special for the expecting mum. Here are some great ideas for baby shower parties, which will help you make the day one to remember.

Take It Outdoors

If the weather is right, you can take the baby shower outside. Start-up the grill and plan for some outdoor games, such as water-balloon throwing or baby-bottle water guns. If you are having outside catering, set up a large tent and set out tables and chairs.

Great Ideas For Baby Shower Parties - Take It Outdoors

Mum Shower

If the expectant mum has other little kids, she might not need as many gifts for her baby as she did the first time around. This doesn’t mean she doesn’t need pampering! Why not invite family and friends over for a party celebrating the mom. Ask for gifts such as a scented candle, maternity pyjamas, freezer meals or even a restaurant gift card.

Moms Shower at Baby Shower

Themed gifts

Having a gift registry allows the mum to let everyone know what she needs for her new baby, but you should try to incorporate a theme to the gifts as well. Along with a gift, guests should buy a book for the baby and write a little note on the front page. Other gift themes can be pyjamas, skincare, or you can assign different themes to different guests.

Baby Shower Ideas - Themed Gifts

Co-Ed Shower

Instead of having a traditional ladies-only event, invite dad and his friends as well. A co-ed baby shower is a great way to celebrate both mum and dad, and you can include neutral decorations, a variety of food, and co-ed games.

Co Ed Baby Shower

Pamper Baby Shower

There are pamper companies that come to your house for a special treat. Why not plan for some massages, manicures, and facials at the baby shower. Invite a smaller group of guests for this special event, leaving mum and her friends feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Pamper Baby Shower

Have Arts And Crafts

Everyone loves a little bit of arts and crafts! At a baby shower, this can be turned into a way for guests to leave personalized gifts for the baby. Let guests use safe fabric paint to decorate white onesies and bibs. You could even set out a station for the items to be tie-dyed.

Arts And Crafts

Storytelling Gifts

For those who cannot make the baby shower, ask them to do a recording of themselves reading a story to the baby. These can be used for years, and is a personal and special way for loved ones to be involved in the big day.

Storytelling Gifts

Make It Special

Take into account what the mum-to-be holds dear, and her interests and likes, and work this into the baby shower. You can be sure it will be the most memorable day for her, and one that she will truly enjoy.

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