Decorating your kid’s bedroom can be so exciting! There are so many wonderful ideas and you are able to build on their personality and interests to create a room that is perfectly suited to them.

Great Ideas For Kids Bedrooms

Before you jump in blindly, here are some great ideas to keep in mind when planning on how to decorate your kid’s bedroom.

  1. Love small spaces 

    Not all of us have huge bedrooms, and this can actually be a bonus! Embrace small bedrooms and create a comfort room, resembling pillow forts in all their magic. Stack up pillows, throws, a bed canopy and some fairy lights to create an incredibly cosy and magical space for your child.

  2. Use a light colour scheme 

    You might be tempted to paint your child’s room their favourite colour, but this could change by next week. Rather, stick to light, neutral colours that can grow with your child. These can be accented with pillows, pictures and blankets in their favourite colours, which can be swapped out as they grow.

  3. Make the most of storage

    There never seems to be enough space, and having enough storage is so important to ensure your kid’s room stays organized. Make the best of multi-use storage, purchase or make a desk with additional draws, or find some cute boxes to hold all smaller toys and other loose items.

  4. Use wallpaper 

    Wallpaper can be a great way to introduce colours, patterns and pictures into your kid’s bedroom, but it can often be overwhelming in a smaller space. Instead of placing the wallpaper on the walls, why not place a bold print wallpaper on the ceiling? This way, it leaves the rest of the room neutral, and becomes a highlight piece without being too distracting.

  5. Multi-functional furniture 

    Multi-functional furniture might be quite an investment at first, but it really is worth it in the long run. A bunk bed with under-bed storage, or a raised bed with a desk underneath really does save a ton of space in a room, and allows more floor space to be used for playing!

  6. Use temporary artwork

    You child might go from wanting to be an astronaut today to a vet tomorrow. As they grow, they will fall in love with a million different things. The best way to incorporate their current interest into their rooms is by using temporary wall stickers. These are relatively affordable, and can be removed in no time, for when they decided on their new obsession.

  7. Choose the right lighting 

    Your child’s bedroom might serve multiple functions, a sleep area, a play area, or even where they do their homework. Make sure you have the right lighting in the room to accommodate for all of this. Choose from desktop lamps to hanging fairy lights for bedtime.

Designing A Fun, Happy Room

A Fun, Happy Room

Designing your child’s bedroom does not have to be stressful. Use the above ideas to come up with a room that is both comfortable and fun for your little one. Don’t spend money on items that your little one will outgrow. Rather choose a base colour and use accessories that can be easily changed as your child grows. Give them a space to relax, read and just be themselves

Let your little one help you with designing their dream room, and turn it into a fun activity!


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