If you are having twins, and are wanting to breastfeed, you might be really nervous as to whether it will be doable or not! Surely having two mouths to breastfeed means that you will spend double the amount of time feeding, with double the problems? Not at all! To help you feel more confident about your decision, and to make the journey easier, here are some helpful tips for breastfeeding twins!

Breastfeeding Twins

Feed In The Right Position

It is completely possible to nurse two babies at the same time, which does save you having to spend twice as long feeding. You might want to start feeding your babies one at a time soon after they are born until they learn to latch properly, but you can start tandem feeding from early.

Buy yourself a nursing pillow, one specifically designed for twins. This will help you support them both without tiring you out. You could also use two rolled up towels for support.

Try the football position or cradle holds when feeding, using pillows to support your babies heads. You could even combine the two holds if it is more comfortable.

Set Yourself Up First

If possible, and if there is someone at home to help, try to set yourself down, position the pillow, blankets, and whatever else you need before someone hands you your babies one at a time. This helps you get settled easily, ready to feed.

For mums who are alone when feeding, you might want to sit on the floor in front of a couch with plenty of pillows. Set the babies in their chairs next to you, get yourself ready, and then reach over and grab each baby one by one.

Alternate Breasts

You need to remember to switch breasts for each baby when it comes to the next feed or try to at least switch sides once a day. This means that both breasts will be stimulated equally, and both babies will be getting enough milk.

Keep Your Babies Close

You need to try to room with your babies in the hospital, to start breastfeeding straight away. When at home, try co-sleeping if you are happy to do so. This keeps your twins right by you and allows you to nurse quickly and easily. The more you breastfeed, the more you can increase your supply to keep up with growing twins!

Get Help From A Lactation Specialist

If you are serious about breastfeeding twins, it might be worth your while hiring a lactation specialist who has twin experience. They can make a world of difference and will be able to give you all the tools you need, from helping with the right nursing position to keeping up your supply.

Remember Your Babies Are Different

Your twins might have been born at the same time, and even if they are identical, they are their own little people. They will have their own breastfeeding styles and needs, so give yourself enough time to get to know each baby’s needs and try to cater to both of them during feeding.

Be Forgiving On Yourself

Breastfeeding can be a rewarding, but tough journey. Breastfeeding twins is even more so! Be gentle on yourself. It is okay to be overwhelmed. Find support, get some practice, and let your babies lead the way.

These helpful tips for breastfeeding twins will hopefully be of great use to you and your little ones!

Helpful Tips For Breastfeeding Twins

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