Houseplants are just wonderful to keep in your home. They brighten up the space and add a natural touch to any room. It can be hard keeping a houseplant alive, but there are some that need little care and maintenance to thrive.

The one issue with keeping an assortment of houseplants is that many are toxic to cats and dogs, and can often make pets quite sick if eaten.  Below is a list of household plants that are non-toxic to cats and dogs, and which are perfect to keep in a pet-friendly home!

Boston Ferns

Household Plants That Are Non-Toxic To Cats And Dogs Boston Fern

Boston ferns are beautiful plants, and have an amazing texture and look to them. Their feather-like leaves add such a flare to a room, and can really uplift the décor!

Easy to care for and only needing indirect sunlight, Boston ferns can be placed onto a bookshelf or used as a hanging plant on the wall. They are typically non-toxic to pets and therefore safe to keep at home!

Spider Plant

Household Plants That Are Non-Toxic To Cats And Dogs Spider Plant

Spider plants are completely safe to keep in your home when you have dogs and cats. Not only are they non-toxic to pets, but they are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors. They survive neglect fairly well and thrive in most environments.

If you are notoriously killing off your houseplants, a spider plant is a perfect option, and it won’t harm your beloved pets!


Household Plants That Are Non-Toxic To Cats And Dogs Rosemary

Rosemary is an evergreen herb that many of us use in cooking. The Mediterranean herb has an amazing scent, and the pale green leaves are beautiful too.

Rosemary is non-toxic to pets and is safe to keep in your home. Just keep in mind that rosemary requires around 6 hours of full sun a day, and can die off if watered too much. It is not the easiest plant to keep alive indoors, but it pays off by offering up some fresh herbs to cook with.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palms are great if you are wanting a larger statement plant to keep in your home. They are fairly easy to grow, as long as you avoid overwatering them, and they are non-toxic to pets.

A ponytail palm will grow to around four feet tall inside and can be transplanted into bigger pots as they grow. It really is a gorgeous plant that you will love keeping in your home!

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

The prayer plant gets its name from the movement of its leaves. The oval-shaped leaves move to an upright position at night, folding together, similar to hands in prayer.

Easy to care for, prayer plants are non-toxic to dogs and can be kept in a pot or as a hanging plant.

Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Fern

The staghorn fern is another fern you could keep in your home. They can have two types of leaves, ones shaped like the horns of a deer, or shaped like a heart.

This plant is non-toxic to both cats and dogs and is fairly easy to grow indoors if given the right environment to thrive.



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