Screen addiction in your home does not just apply to your children. As adults, we might not be aware of it, but a lot of the time in our day is spent either on the phone, on the laptop, or watching TV. Knowing how to beat screen addiction in your home will be beneficial for the whole family.

Technology, and therefore screens, have become a part of our everyday life, for adults and children alike. While there are numerous benefits of allowing your children to be exposed to technology, and with all the benefits that come with having phones and laptops for us to use at home, there needs to be a limit of how much time we spend staring at our screens each day.

When focussed on a screen for hours on end, we miss out on family time, new experiences, and it limits the time our kids are spending having imaginative play.

To help the whole family beat screen addiction in your home, here are a few tips to follow.

Discuss Healthy Balances

How To Beat Screen Addiction In Your Home Healthy Balances

Everyone in the family needs to be on board when it comes to limiting screen time. Each person will have different needs for how much exposure they will have when using technology each day, so it needs to be a healthy balance for everyone. Mum or dad might work on their phones, so they will need more screen time, but the kids might only use their tablet for entertainment. A balance is necessary to keep everyone happy.

Understand The Benefits

How To Beat Screen Addiction In Your Home Understanding Benefits

You need to understand that not all screen time is bad. There is some incredible educational content out there for kids to access from home, so limiting their screen time too much may end up stopping them from exploring new information. Take this into account when allowing screen time, and maybe allocate separate times for educational content, and then a shorter time for entertainment or games on the tablet, or TV time.

No Screens At Dinner Time

How To Beat Screen Addiction In Your Home No Screens At Dinner Time

When it comes to eating together as a family, you should all leave your phones somewhere far away. Turn them on to silent and do not get up to check notifications. Putting your phones away during dinner will allow you to bond as a family again, without any distractions.

Reward Charts For Screen Time

Rewards Chart

For children, they should not have open access to a television or tablet 24/7. It should be a reward that they work towards each day, and then it should only be for a limited amount of time. Have a reward chart set up on the wall. Once your child has finished their chores or homework for the day, they are allowed to use the tablet.

Set An Example

Set An Example

Don’t be that parent who takes away screen time from your kids just to sit browsing social media all night. You are the parent, and you need to set an example. Show your kids that you can live your life without a phone in hand or without a television on. Encouraging a reduction in screen time will work best if you practice it yourself!

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