Your baby’s crib needs to be their safe space and their place of comfort. They will be spending a lot of time snuggled up in their crib every night, so you want to make sure you know how to choose the best baby bedding set to give them the most comfortable, and safe, sleep possible.

Choose A Light FabricHow To Choose The Best Baby Bedding Set Choose A Light Fabric

Babies cannot regulate their temperature as we do, especially at night. Our instincts tell us to bundle them up tight to keep them as warm as possible, but you really don’t need to do this.

Their crib should have nothing more than a fitted sheet and a light duvet to cover them. Anything more might cause them to overheat.

Dress them in similar clothes to what you would wear to bed, and place a light duvet over them for the night.

Choose A Comfortable Bedding Set

How To Choose The Best Baby Bedding Set Choose A Comfortable Bedding Set

You want to give your baby the best sleep possible, and choosing a comfortable bedding set will definitely help with this.

Choose a breathable cotton fabric, and make sure to check that there are no other fibres used to make the bedding, which your little one could be allergic to. Some of the possible allergens include synthetic fibres or wool.

Choose The Right Size Sheets

Choose The Right Sheet Size

Choosing the right sheet size is so important when setting up your baby’s crib. If the sheets are too small, they won’t fit properly over the corners of the mattress, and if they are too large, they will gather and possibly cause a suffocation hazard.

The right sheet really does go a long way to provide a safe sleeping environment for your baby. Also, check to see that the sheets are breathable and made from cotton.

Choose Easy To Clean Bedding

Choose Easy To Clean Bedding

Baby bedding gets dirty so quickly, whether it be from a leaky nappy or a milk spill in the middle of the night. You will find yourself washing the bedding quite often, so make sure it is made from a fabric that is easy to clean and which holds up well against washing.

Avoid any bedding sets that are dry-clean only. Not only will this make your life more difficult, but it will end up costing you quite a bit of money as well!

Get Creative!How To Choose The Best Baby Bedding Set Get Creative

Baby bedding is the one area where you can really get creative with the colours and patterns you choose. Instead of painting an elaborate mural on the wall, rather stick to choosing a themed bedding set. It will be easier and cheaper to replace the bedding set alone when your child grows out of it, compared to painting over a whole wall.

Don’t worry about staying pink for girls and blue for boys either. There are some lovely gender-neutral themes and colours available for you to choose from. You might even be able to keep them for your next baby!

The Best Bedding Sets

Here are some great bedding set options available in different colours and themes!

Belle Ever After 10-Piece Baby Bedding Set

Kidsline Cambridge Baby Bedding Set

The Belle Zuzu 11-Piece Baby Bedding Set

Belle Boys World 10-Piece Baby Bedding Set

The Belle Max 11-Piece Baby Bedding Set

Belle Lulu 10-Piece Baby Bedding Set 

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