If you have a baby on the way, it might be time to choose a baby pram! A baby pram is such an important accessory to have. It makes travelling around so much easier, and you can take your baby for some relaxing walks around the park, or out with you when running errands.

It can be daunting trying to choose the right one, as there are so many different options and confusing terms to choose between. To ensure you make the right choice, here is how to choose the best baby pram! Consider the below to make the right choice.

Travel System Compatible

How To Choose The Best Baby Pram Travel System Compatible

A travel system compatible pram means that you can clip a car seat onto the pram, for your baby to move easily between the car and the pram. Most travel systems come with the car seat, the pram, and a carrycot, but you can buy them separately as well.

If you want the complete system, then a travel system is best, however, if you already have a car seat or want a permanent one, then just look at buying a pram.

Rear Or Forward Facing

How To Choose The Best Baby Pram Rear Or Forward Facing

You can choose between both rear and forward-facing prams, and some are even capable of both. This is a personal choice, as to whether or not you want to look at your baby and interact with them as you push them in the pram, or if you want them to have a view of everything around them.

If you cannot decide, a pram that can be both rear and forward-facing is best. Your newborn can start off as rear-facing, and then move to forward-facing as they become more curious about the world around them.

Consider The Size

How To Choose The Best Baby Pram Consider The Size

One common mistake parents make is not checking the size of the pram when folded, and seeing whether or not it fits into their trunk. There is no point buying a pram and folding it up to take it home, only to find that it doesn’t fit into your trunk.

A pram should make life easier, not more difficult! Most prams show a folded size online under specifications, so make sure to check this, and to measure your trunk before making a purchase.

Storage Basket

Storage Basket

Some prams come with large storage baskets. These help to keep your shopping, bag, and baby bag stored away while pushing the pram.

These storage baskets can vary in size between different prams, and sometimes do make the pram heavier and larger. Decide whether or not you will need a storage basket, and use this to decide which pram would suit your lifestyle best.



There are some prams that come with pneumatic tyres, which have an inner tube filled with air, unlike other pram tyres which are rigid, solid rubber.

These tyres are ideal if you want to take the pram off-road, and go for runs, walks, and hikes with your baby. They would benefit the active, outdoor family, and if this is you, then you should definitely consider pneumatic tyres.

Lightweight Or Heavy-Duty

Lightweight Or Heavy-Duty

Your lifestyle will determine what type of pram you need. If you need one which is easy to pack away and quick to use for running errands, then a lightweight pram is best.

If you are wanting something heavier and more secure, then a heavy-duty, stronger pram would be the better option. Just keep in mind this will be more difficult to travel around with.


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