Whether you own your home or are living in a rental property, you want your living space to look nice, and to feel like home. The problem is that you would not want to invest money redecorating and redoing a rental home, only to move out at a later stage and not be able to reap the rewards of redecorating! Here is how to decorate a rental home without investing in the property, to still feel like you have made the space your own.

Use Stickers Instead Of Retiling

How To Decorate A Rental Home Without Investing In The Property Use Stickers Instead Of Retiling

Adding a splash wall to the kitchen, or a feature wall in the lounge can be done by retiling. However, you would not want to spend the money retiling on your rental property.

Instead, you could use wall stickers. You will not be able to tell the difference between a good wall sticker and tiling from a distance, and the best part is that you can peel the stickers off, without damaging the wall, and take them with you when you leave!

Wall stickers are much more affordable than retiling too.

Use Rugs

How To Decorate A Rental Home Without Investing In The Property Use Rugs

If you are not a fan of the wooden flooring or carpeting in your apartment or home, do not be tempted to redo the flooring. You will be able to enjoy it for some time, but then you will have to say goodbye to all the money you spent when you move!

Instead, use some rugs to change up the space. You can purchase some large rugs to cover bigger areas of the floor, and roll these up and take them with you when you move.

Use Wall Hangings

How To Decorate A Rental Home Without Investing In The Property Use Wall Hangings

Your rental apartment might have an old doorway or an unsightly mark on a wall. If your landlord doesn’t want to clear this up, you should not have to spend your own money doing so.

Instead, purchase a piece of material or artwork that you can hang over the area of the wall. Hang it up with curtain rods or with tape that can easily be removed when it is time to leave.

Not only will this cover the unsightly area, but it can add colour and patterns to the room.

Keep An Indoor Herb Garden

Keep An Indoor Herb Garden

To make your space feel more like a home, you could keep an indoor herb garden. Buy some seedlings from your local nursery and pot the herbs on the windowsill in your kitchen. They will get some wonderful light and you can water them when you wash the dishes.

When you move out, you can take your herb garden with you!

Use Scatter Cushions

Use Scatter Cushions

Scatter cushions are ideal to personalize your own space, and they are not a fixed feature, so they can move with you.

Choose scatter cushions that go with the theme and décor in your home, and choose ones with different patterns and textures to add a new dimension to your décor.

Scatter cushions can be used in the living room and in the bedrooms, so they will always be useful!


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