Every mum dreads the idea of their child coming home with nits and lice. It is a fairly common scenario, and pretty much comes hand-in-hand with school life. There are many different products out there that claim to kill all nits and lice in one go, but you really shouldn’t be spending money on those products. Here is how to get rid of nits and lice easily!

Getting Rid Of Nits And Lice

How To Get Rid Of Nits And Lice How To

The most effective way to get rid of nits and lice is to comb them out. To do this, you should buy a good quality nit comb that you can keep stored away for if the nits ever return (remember just to sterilize the comb in boiling water when you are done with it, to kill any nits).

Here is how to get rid of nits and lice without using harsh chemicals:

  1. Cover your child’s hair with a gentle conditioner. This makes it easier for you to comb through your child’s hair. If the conditioner is white, it also makes it easier to see the lice as you comb them out.
  2. Work through sections of your child’s hair. Start on the one side of the head near the ear and then section off a potion at a time that will fit through the comb at once.
  3. Slowly and gently comb from the scalp right to the end of the hair. If your child does have nits and lice, you will see them appear on the comb quite quickly.
  4. Have a paper towel or tissue close by to wipe the comb clean after each comb through the hair, getting rid of the nits and lice on the comb so you don’t just reintroduce them back.
  5. Comb the same section again and again until the comb comes up clean.
  6. Move to the next section of the hair and repeat.
  7. Keep on combing section by section until you have combed through all of your child’s hair and the comb comes up clean.

Once you have finished the combing, you will want to do the following:

  • Comb everyone’s hair. It does not matter if they are itchy or not, it is best to just treat the whole family.
  • Wash all pillows and bedding in a hot wash to kill any nits or lice.
  • Clean the nit comb by soaking it in boiling water or vinegar.
  • Repeat the whole process again a week later. You could comb through your child’s hair daily for the next few days just to be 100% sure that all the nits and lice are removed.

Controlling Nits And Lice

Controlling Nits and Lice

If you live in an area where your kids are prone to bringing home nits and lice from school, you might want to make the combing process a weekly occurrence. This will help identify if your child has nits or lice early on, and helps to remove any eggs and bugs before it becomes a bad infestation. Chat to your child’s school about having mandatory lice checks weekly, to stop the spread between kids further.

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