Instilling a love of reading in your child is one of the best ways to increase your child’s IQ. This isn’t just because you are helping them develop better reading comprehension, but you are nurturing a deep love of reading and discovery in them. Knowing how to get your kids to love reading can help promote all of this.

When children love to read, they later choose to read independently, helping them learn to read better, which leads on to them growing their content knowledge and love for learning.

Reading can be hard work for kids, but with encouragement from parents, children can grow a true love for reading, becoming little bookworms as they grow.

Here are some effective ways to instil a love for reading in your children.

Read to your children from young

How To Get Your Kids To Love Reading Read From Young

Reading does not have to be limited to bedtime only. Your baby will enjoy board and cloth books, and these books can be some of your baby’s first toys. Have some comfort time during the day where you and your little one snuggle up and enjoy a book together. This time can be anytime during the day, after lunch, after school, or even during your coffee on a Saturday morning.

Don’t push your child to learn to read

How To Get Your Kids To Love Reading - Don't Push

Every child develops at a different pace, some read early, and others take a little longer. They will learn to read naturally once they have developed the preliminary skills, and your job is to help them sound out words, recognize words and encourage a love for reading. Being too forceful with them learning to read can cause a negative feeling towards books for them.

Visit the library

How To Get Your Kids To Love Reading Visit The Library

Libraries can be such magical places for those who love books. Most libraries are great at keeping a list of favourite books per age group, so enquire at your local library and take your child along to pick out books with you. They will be excited to read the library books they pick out every week or two, much more than reading the books that they have read ten times at home. Checking out library books is also a great way to teach some responsibility to your child, looking after these books and remembering to return them on time. Have a special shelf in your house for library books, so you can keep them safe and be reminded to return them.

Don’t stop story time when your child learns to read

Don't Stop Story Time

When your child learns to read, it does not mean that you have to stop reading to them. Read to your child for as long as they will allow you to. Read some harder books, which will help them push their reading knowledge and test their skills. It also opens a great door to interesting conversations to have with your child, about morals, values, and choices taught in the books you read together. The books your child reads when they first learn to read are often simple and repetitive. This could cause them to lose interest in reading, so keep up their interest by reading some more in-depth and interesting books that will pull them back to loving stories more.

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