Social distancing is a part of our daily lives now, and it is here to stay for some time. Unfortunately, this prevents us from getting together to celebrate one of the happiest moments for a mum – her baby shower. Instead of letting her sit at home dreaming of what her baby shower might have been, you should learn how to host a virtual baby shower!

Hosting a virtual baby shower allows everyone to still get together on the special day, even if it is from the comfort of their own home, and celebrate the beautiful mum and her baby.

Here are a few tips on how to host a virtual baby shower, and how to make it a day to remember.

Choose Your Platform

How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower Choose Your Platform

The first step would be to choose the platform for the baby shower, whether it be Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, or another. Get a couple of friends to test-drive the platform to ensure it will be perfect for the day, and to iron out any potential technical difficulties.

Send Out E-Invites

How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower E-Vites

You can get really creative with e-invites, and it saves you a whole bunch of money not having to make and print real invitations. You can use an online invitation service, or even just send invites out on Facebook or email.

Create A Virtual Gift Registry

How To Host A Virtual Baby Shower Gift Registry

This really doesn’t change much of what we are used to, as many of us prefer to shop online anyways. Have the mum-to-be choose her favourite online baby store and create a registry there, which most online stores allow for. Guests should also look for the option of having the gift wrapped, so it is more fun for the mum to open.

Have A Theme

Have A Theme

Having a virtual shower doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with a theme. Pick a theme and have some balloons and décor draped in the background, or ask guests to wear certain colours or accessories. The small touches will go a long way to make the day a fun one for the mum.

Do Gift Reveals

Gift Reveals

With a virtual gift registry, most of the guests will be able to have their gifts delivered to the mum. The fun part of a baby shower is everyone oohing and aahing about the beautiful baby gifts. You can still have this with a virtual baby shower.

If the gifts have been sent to the mum, she can go ahead and open them on camera much as she would at the party. If guests had bought the gifts already, they could even open them on camera for the mum and explain why they bought those gifts.

Sort Out Catering

Sort Out Catering

You won’t be able to cater for everyone as you are not together. An idea is to have a mocktail recipe sent to everyone beforehand. They can make it up if they want and enjoy it during the virtual shower.

Baby Shower Games

Baby Shower Game

There are a few baby shower games you can play during the virtual gathering. These could be naming a song or coming up with a baby name for each letter of the alphabet. However, if you aren’t a fan of baby shower games, this is the perfect excuse to not play them!

Create A Virtual Gift Book

Virtual Gift Book

This is an incredibly trying time, and bringing a baby into the world now is not easy. The mum-to-be would more than likely really appreciate some encouraging words. So get the guests all to write a little note, and create a slideshow or virtual gift book to give to the mum during her virtual baby shower.


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