All of us could use a little extra money over the Christmas period. Between gifts and get-togethers, it can become expensive quickly!

If your income just isn’t enough to get you through the festive season, and you are looking to earn a little more, here is how to make extra money over Christmas.

Sell Your Household Items

How To Make Extra Money Over Christmas Sell Household Items

You will not believe how many unused items you have in your home until you do a full cleanout! Just before Christmas comes, clear out all the items that sit and take up space. Take photos and advertise these on your local groups. You can make so much money doing this!

This accomplishes two tasks – it unclutters your home, and it gives you some cash to spend this Christmas

Do Some Pet Sitting

How To Make Extra Money Over Christmas Pet Sitting

Many families go away for the holidays and need someone to look after their pets. There are some apps that you can join, which allow you to look for pet sitting jobs in your area.

You could also advertise your services with your local community, family, and friends. It is a great way to earn some extra money without having to do much work – and you get to meet some cute pets!

Do Online Surveys

How To Make Extra Money Over Christmas Do Online Surveys

Completing online surveys is one of the easiest ways to make extra money without having to leave the house.

If you have some time to spare in the evenings, you can sign up to online survey sites, fill in your details, and earn some pocket money by doing surveys sent to you.

Deliver Groceries

How To Make Extra Money Over Christmas Deliver Groceries

If you put the word out there, you would be surprised at how many people would love to use a personal grocery shopper!

Clients could send you their grocery list for the week, and you could do their shopping and deliver it to their door. This works out well if you time it with your weekly shopping as well! You could shop for multiple clients in one go, or space them out over the week.

On top of charging a delivery fee, you could add on an extra charge for the actual shopping. Many people would be happy to pay for this, especially those who do not want to leave the house.

You could then also offer Christmas present shopping too.

Wrap Christmas Presents

Wrap Christmas Presents

So many people just do not have the time to wrap their own presents. So many people are also just downright terrible at wrapping presents! You could offer present wrapping services to family and friends, and the local community too.

You could charge a small fee per present, and charge for wrapping paper and other stationery too. This is the ideal side hustle for those who love wrapping presents, and who have a talent for doing so!

Sell Your Kid’s Toys

Sell Your Kid's Toys

Kids accumulate SO many toys over the years! Instead of hiding them away in cupboards and shoving them in the garage, give them a clean and sell them! You might have the toy someone is looking to buy their kid for Christmas. Declutter and earn money!

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