Toddlers are busy. There is no way around this. Constantly on the move, making noise, and getting their hands on whatever they can. They are fun and full of life, but this can be an absolute nightmare for parents planning a trip. Knowing how to plan for a long flight with a toddler is a must-learn skill!

Trying to keep your toddler in a chair and entertained for hours on end might seem like an impossible task, and is a huge source of anxiety for parents leading up to the flight.

Fear not! There are some incredibly easy tricks and tips to use to plan for a long flight with your toddler, helping you feel more comfortable with the upcoming trip.

Book Direct Or A Long Layover

How To Plan For A Long Flight With A Toddler

Try as hard as possible to book a direct flight. If you can’t, try to find a flight with one long layover. Keep connecting flights to a minimum. Landing and take-off are what causes pressure in your toddler’s ears, and is what makes them act up and even cry, so try and go through as few of these as possible.

Booking a longer layover allows you to take things slow, grab some food, change a diaper, and let your little one stretch their legs for a little while. Stressing during short layovers and rushing to your next gate only makes your toddler feel more stressed as well.

Pack Double What You Might Need

How To Plan For A Long Flight With A Toddler Pack Double

If your toddler is still in diapers, still has a formula bottle, and eats their own foods and snacks, make sure to pack double than what you would normally use. If your plane is delayed or grounded, you will need all the extra essentials on hand.

Keep Your Toddler Comfortable

How To Plan For A Long Flight With A Toddler Comfortable Clothing

There is no need for stylish outfits when flying. Dress your toddler in comfortable layers that will keep them cosy, but which are still easy to change. If you are on an overnight flight, consider putting your toddler in their pyjamas. They will feel more comfortable this way and will probably settle down easier.

Have Ear Protection

Ear Protection

The pressure during taking-off and landing can hurt your toddler’s ears. Plan ahead for this, Bring some juice in a bottle, or even a pacifier, to have your toddler use during take-off and landing. For older toddlers, even chewing a cookie can help. There are also special earplugs designed for landings that relieve the pressure and pain.

Bring A Tablet


If you have a tablet at home, bring it along for the flight. Pack some extra kid-friendly headphones as well. While the plane will more than likely have a huge library of movies and series to watch, your child might have a favourite that is only available on your tablet, or they might want to play some kid-friendly games which aren’t available on the flight screens.

Don’t Stress About It!

It can be stressful planning a flight with a toddler, you don’t want to be that mum that everyone hates on the flight with a screaming kid. The first rule is to remember that you are not the first mum to fly with a toddler, and you will not be the last. Do what you can to plan ahead and make the trip easier, and just be there to comfort and entertain your little one during the flight.

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