Moving house can be such a stressful experience, and as an adult, you are in control of making sure everything goes smoothly. As stressful as the time can be, it can be easy to forget that your children are going through a significant change too, and they might feel like they have no control over the situation.

Through this exciting, yet difficult time, here is how to support your children when moving house.

How To Support Your Children When Moving House

Talk Openly With Them

It does not matter how old or young your children are, you need to talk to them openly about the move. They will most definitely pick up on your stress, and not discussing the process with them could cause them to feel more anxious.

Whether you need to draw pictures for your little one to understand, or sit down and chat to your teen over some hot chocolate, talking to them about the move keeps them involved and feeling like they are a part of the process.

Be Aware Of How You Feel

Children are incredible at picking up on our emotions, and they might mirror these too. Before approaching the situation with your child, try and identify your emotions and how you feel. They will more than likely have picked up on this already, and it gives you a better opportunity to address their feelings and the situation more clearly.

Keep Them Involved

To help your kid feel like they aren’t being left out, you need to keep them involved. How you involve your children in the move will depend on their age, but there are many ways to make them feel part of the process.

Older children can be responsible for making lists of what they want to take, marking off boxes for you, and even packing. Younger children can help pack their toys, and maybe fill up boxes with some non-fragile items.

Stay Positive

As stressed as you might be with the big move, you need to keep it fun and positive for the kids. Make it out to be a great new adventure for them. Give them their own box that they can decorate and colour before packing away their most precious items.

If they find the process to be more fun, they will be able to cope with the move better and will be more excited for the big day.

Keep Familiar Items

Moving to an unfamiliar house is not easy, so to make the children feel more at home, you should keep some of their familiar items for a while. Don’t rush to change their duvet and blankets in order to decorate their new room. Let them keep some of this familiarity for a while until they settle.

Stay In Touch With Family And Friends

One of the scariest parts of moving is saying goodbye to friends and family who live close. Once you have settled in, make sure to arrange for calls or visits, depending on how far you have moved, with family and friends.

This will make the kids feel like their world hasn’t in fact been turned upside down, and will help them settle in much sooner.

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