The chances are that at least one of your children will have to celebrate their birthday during lockdown. As a parent, you want to make your child’s birthday memorable and all about them, no matter if they are turning 10 or 2. Here is how you can help make your child’s birthday special during lockdown!

Do The Decorations

How You Can Help Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lockdown Do The Decorations

You will end up saving quite a bit of money with not having to cater for a party, so you can go and buy some great decorations for the lockdown party without worrying about spending too much.

Choose a theme that you know your kid will love, such as dinosaurs, outer space or mermaids, and blow up balloons, get cutouts and ribbons and banners. Make it all look as fabulous and fun as possible!

Hold A Virtual Party

How You Can Help Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lockdown Host A Virtual Party

Send out invitations to your kid’s closest friends to join you for a virtual party, such as on Zoom or Google hangouts. Depending on the kid’s age, you could play different games. Some good ideas include:

Dress-up themes – Everyone can dress up in their own homes according to the chosen theme. This helps to break the ice as well!

Movie night – Get everyone to put the same movie on, finished off with popcorn and pillows and snacks. The kids can all chat about the movie while running it at the same time.

Dance party – Create a playlist and share it with everyone. Get all the kids to play music and have a dance party online!

Talent show – An online talent show has the potential to be so much fun! Everyone can pick out talent and have their chance to perform to all their friends.

Have A Picnic

How You Can Help Make Your Child’s Birthday Special During Lockdown Have A Picnic

If you want to keep things simple, you can organize a picnic outside for the family. Taking the party outside is perfect when there is great weather, but indoor picnics are wonderful as well!

You can bake the birthday cake, cupcakes, savoury snacks, and all other treats, lay out the blanket, blow up some balloons, and have a great time outside together.

Create A Treasure Hunt

Create A Treasure Hunt

Plan to buy some small presents and treats to use in a treasure hunt. A birthday treasure hunt can be so much fun. It can be with a treasure map or clues, and your little one can find their hidden presents all around the house and garden.

To make it more fun, you can give them a treasure hunt kit with binoculars, a magnifying glass, and a treasure-hunting outfit!

Pamper Day

Pamper Day

Kids of all ages will love a special pamper day. You can set out an area for them to sit back and relax, either with the TV on or music playing in the background, and you can pamper them just as if they were in a luxury spa.

There are some wonderful kid-friendly spa products to purchase for this exact reason, and it will make them feel like a king or queen for the day!


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