Isn’t it all of our dream to make our money stretch further? To stop spending as much as we do, cut down on costs where we can, and build a little nest egg? Saving nowadays seems nearly impossible, but it definitely can be done. Here are some ways you can start saving money today!

Determine Your Expenses

How You Can Start Saving Money Today Determine Your Expenses

The first step to saving money is to figure out exactly how much you spend. Track all of your spending where possible – and record this to give you a number of how much you spend each month. You will be quite surprised to find out how much those morning coffees land up costing you each month!

Budget For Savings

How You Can Start Saving Money Today Budget For Savings

Once you have listed your expenses and what you spend money on, you can look to budget for saving. Try to see where you can cut back and where you can limit overspending. This might be by cutting back treats you buy for yourself at the grocery store, or a movie subscription you don’t use.

When you have done this, you can then put that money towards a savings account, and stick to that amount each month.

Set Saving Goals

How You Can Start Saving Money Today Set Saving Goals

Saving can be hard when you don’t have any clear goals in mind. Work out what you would like to save each month, and try your best to stick to this. There might be something specific you are saving for – such as a wedding or vacation. Figure out how much time you have to save for this, and then how much you will have to put aside each month to reach this goal.

Prioritize Your Spending

Prioritize Your Spending

You will find that a lot of the things you spend money on are not important, and once you see them listed down on paper, you will be able to prioritize saving over random spending. You don’t need to buy that extra vase for your home, or that expensive chocolate, especially if it gets in the way of you reaching your saving goal for the month.

How To Cut Expenses

How To Cut Expenses

It can be difficult to find ways to cut back on spending. Here are some simple ways to do so:

  • Bring lunch from home. Stop buying takeout meals at work – they add up to a fortune every month! Make enough dinner at night to be able to pack leftovers for work the next day.
  • Rethink your cellular plan. Check that you aren’t getting more data than you need, or if there are any cheaper plans available for you.
  • Make a point to pay off your credit cards in full each month. Stop paying interest on these debts!
  • Use coupons when shopping. You would be surprised how much money you can save by spending some time finding the right coupons to use for each shop!
  • Don’t eat out so often. The family can get together and eat a meal at home instead of having to do so at an expensive restaurant. Even cutting back on one dinner out a month can make a big difference!

These are all achievable ways on how you can start saving money today!

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