Motherhood can feel like one big rush. You start off the day in a hurry to get everyone to school and on their way, and the day ends with you stressing about what you haven’t done today, and all the things piling up to be done tomorrow.

The problem is that while life is busy, and getting through each day feels like survival of the fittest, these are some of the most precious days with your kids, and once they are gone, there is no getting them back.

Maybe it is time for you to step back and slow down. Here is how you can stop being a rushed mum, and enjoy your days a little more.

Learn To Say No

How You Can Stop Being A Rushed Mum Learn To Say No

Most of us have way too much on our plate. We acknowledge this and know that it is the root of most of our rushing, but then still say yes to any favour asked.

You need to learn to say no.

Taking on other people’s requests and errands wears you down and takes away from your own precious time and energy. Make sure you have enough time to get your own things done, to look after your own family, and then some time to spare, before saying yes to help someone else.

You will not believe how much your load will lighten if you learn to say no!

Think About When You Rush The Most

How You Can Stop Being A Rushed Mum Think About When You Rush The Most

When you rush the most will differ between families. It could be in the morning when you try to herd the kids out the front door to get to school on time, or in the afternoon when each child has a different activity on at the same time on opposite ends of the city.

By looking at the times when you rush the most, you will be able to think of ways to reduce the stress and rush. You will also know to avoid planning any extra errands or activities during this time!

Learn To Prep

Learn To Prep

It can be difficult enough to juggle your own life, but throw in the kids and it can be a whirlwind! One of the best ways to avoid rushing is by learning to prep. At the end of each week, sit down with the family and note all the activities, appointments, and projects for that week.

Then, set out a plan on how each member of the family can prep beforehand for these events, which helps to take some stress off of your shoulders.

If your kids are too young, you could hang up rosters for the week on what they have on, and get everything ready for the day the night before.

Take Time For yourself

Take Time For Yourself

Life is stressful, especially as a mum. Whether you work full-time, part-time, or are a stay-at-home mum, you still need time for yourself.

This could be coffee on your own once a week before picking up the kids, or a quick bubble bath while the baby sleeps. It is so important to give yourself some me-time.

Try to brain dump once in a while, by jotting thoughts down onto paper in any way you want. This helps to lessen your mental load and readies you to take on the next week!

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