Figuring out what to do with the family on the weekend is hard enough, but in winter your options are cut down drastically, and finding something to do which everyone will be happy with can be difficult! It will help you quite a bit to have a few ideas for family outings during winter, so here are a few of the better options!

Go Bowling

Ideas For Family Outings During Winter Go Bowling

Most towns have a local bowling alley, and so many people overlook them when thinking of something to do. Bowling is the ideal indoor sporting activity. It also encourages friendly competition between family members! For younger children, you can have the bumper rails lifted to make it a little easier for them to bowl! Most bowling alleys also have a half-price night during the week, so keep an eye out for this.

Visit The Library

Ideas For Family Outings During Winter Visit The Library

Giving your children the gift of visiting the library and curling up with a book on a cold day is just so amazing. Local libraries are such great resources, and they contain books suited for the whole family. Often, libraries will have readings of both adult and children’s books, and your little ones might love to sit in the warm library and listen to someone reading some special stories. It is a great way to get your kids to love reading.

Go To The Movies

Ideas For Family Outings During Winter Go To The Movies

The movies are the perfect cold-weather activity. The kid’s movies that come out nowadays are super entertaining for parents as well, and the whole family will love the outing. Get some warm popcorn, some juice, and sweets to snack on during the movie. The movie will keep your child entertained, and you can sit back, enjoy the movie, and relish the relaxing hour or two.

Visit A Museum

Visit A Museum

Museums really are such wonderful places for kids to visits. Science museums hold so much interesting information, visuals, and sights for children, of all ages. Science museums have exhibits from marine life, to astrology, to ancient Egypt. There is so much information for them to take in, and just have fun browsing around. Science museums are also such a hit with adults! Who doesn’t love a life-sized T-rex skeleton?

Take A Trip To The Aquarium

Take A Trip To The Aquarium

You might get chilly thinking of the sea during winter, but you can take the family to enjoy the beauty of the ocean at the local aquarium without freezing! The kids will absolutely love the colourful tropical fish, the sharks, and the cute penguins. Check to see if there is a show or talk happening at the local aquarium, and try to plan your trip around that.

Go Ice Skating

Go Ice Skating

It won’t be a proper winter without some ice skating. Most of us don’t get to experience snow during winter, so ice skating at an arena is the next best thing. Many ice rinks offer aids for younger children who can’t skate on their own yet. This way the whole family can just relax, skate, and have fun together. It is a wonderful activity for all ages.

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