Throwing a big birthday party for your kid every year can become tiring, and quite expensive. This is even truer when you have more than one child! Hosting a party for your kids can be stressful, and sometimes you just don’t have the money to spend on a huge bash.

Instead of a traditional celebration, here are kid’s party alternatives for when you don’t feel like a big party!

Spend A Day At An Amusement Park

Kid’s Party Alternatives For When You Don’t Feel like a Big Party Spend A Day At An Amusement Park

Which kid would not want to spend the whole day at an amusement park? You could either go as a family, or your child could pick a friend to come along for the day.

Look at amusement parks near you, and check to see if there are any perks for your child attending the park on their birthday. They might get some free tickets or a discount on rides.

After the fun, you could stop for some lunch and ice cream for an extra special treat.

Go On Vacation

Kid’s Party Alternatives For When You Don’t Feel like a Big Party Go On Vacation

Parties cost a lot of money, and if you have some money to spare, you should instead use it towards booking a family vacation for your child’s birthday. They could pick one friend to come along for the vacation, and you could make it all about them.

If you do not want to spend too much, you could go camping nearby to keep costs down. Your child will love going away and spending their birthday on vacation, and you could still treat them to a super delicious birthday cake!

Have A Movie Night

Kid’s Party Alternatives For When You Don’t Feel like a Big Party Have A Movie Night

You don’t need to leave your home or spend a huge amount of money to make your child feel special on their birthday.

Set up for a movie night at home! Let your child choose the movie they want to watch, and put out an assortment of snacks and treats to enjoy during the movie. You could lay out blankets and pillows for everyone to sit on during the movie, and even hand out fake movie tickets to the family just for some extra fun.

Go For A Picnic

Go For A Picnic

Take the family outdoors for an extra special picnic. Pack your child’s favourite snacks and treats, and of course, a birthday cake.

Layout a blanket in a beautiful spot and take some outdoor games to play. You could invite some friends to join in too, without having to throw a massive party. It is such a relaxing way to spend a birthday, but still makes your child feel super special!

Have A Shopping Spree

Have A Shopping Spree

Take some of the money that you would’ve spent on a kid’s party, and set it as a budget for your child to go on a shopping spree with you.

You could take them to visit some of their favourite shops and let them spend the money on things that they want. They get to keep the things they choose, instead of having a party that only lasts a few hours.

The two of you could stop for some lunch between shopping to fuel up.

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