There are very, very few mums who actually enjoy doing laundry. If you are like the rest of us and dread laundry day and pretend you don’t see the washing piling up, this article is exactly what you need. We have rounded up the best laundry tips to save your sanity!

Laundry is so time-consuming, and as a mum, time is not always so freely available. These hacks will help you get the process done quickly and more simply.

Create A Schedule

Laundry Tips To Save Your Sanity! Create A Schedule

It really does help to have a laundry schedule. If you have a family of four or more, it is worth doing laundry every day. This cuts down the amount of time you spend doing larger loads, and you will get into the habit of doing the laundry each day, taking the pressure off trying to find time during the week (and actually feeling like doing it).

You could also have set days to do the sheets, and another to wash the towels. Customize the schedule to suit your family and your routine.

Finish A Load The Same Day You Start It

Laundry Tips To Save Your Sanity! Finish A Load The Day You Start It

There is nothing worse than leaving unfinished laundry to sit and sit and sit. If you put clothes in the washer in the morning, make sure that they have been washed, dried, and folded by the time you go to bed.

You might think it is easier to leave it for tomorrow, but you are just adding extra stress knowing that it is sitting there waiting for you.

Pretty-Up Your Laundry Room

Laundry Tips To Save Your Sanity! Pretty Up Your Laundry Room

A plain, boring laundry room will do nothing for your mood. Try to make your laundry room pretty and inspiring. You will be able to find some great examples and inspiration on Pinterest, and you can decorate to your own budget.

Throw on some wallpaper, add shelves with cute artwork and pictures, and put a stereo in the room as well to keep you motivated while you iron and fold!

Get Organized

Get Organized

Laundry is made so much easier if you are kept organized. If your kids need certain items of clothing for school the next day, make sure they know to have it washed the night before.

You could have separate bins for urgent items, and then regular items. Each person in the family could also have their own washing bin, to keep clothes separated.

Keep a bucket next to the washing machine to hold all the single socks you cannot match up, and hopefully, at the end of the month the other sock will show up and you can match the pairs together again!

How you organize your laundry will depend on your family and your routine. Try to come up with something that ensures you get the right laundry done when you need to.

Make Laundry Fun For The Kids

Make Laundry Fun For The Kids

Cut yourself some slack and get the kids involved in helping with the laundry. Lay all the clothes out in the living room and get them to fold with you. It might take longer at first, but they will get the hang of it after a while. It teaches them some responsibility and gets them helping out at home.


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