Your breasts are incredible at communicating quite a bit about your health, and you should get to know your breasts to know a little bit more about your health and your body.

There are some signs to look out for to determine what your breasts might be telling you, and for you to possibly seek help from a medical professional to follow through.

Make sure to listen to your breasts to know more about your health!

Listen To Your Breasts To Know More About Your Health

Growing Breasts

If you notice your breasts are growing, at a time in your life when they shouldn’t, it could mean that you are gaining weight. This could be from an increased diet, not being as active, or being stressed.

An excessive amount of weight gain quickly could be a sign that something else might be wrong, so be sure to speak to your doctor about this.

Another reason your breasts are growing could be because you are pregnant. They are getting ready to feed a baby and might need some growth. It could also be a sign that your period is starting soon.

Shrinking Breasts

Noticing your breasts becoming smaller could be a sign that you are losing weight. Breasts are made up of mostly fatty tissues and are often the first place you lose weight.

However, if the weight loss is happening quickly and you haven’t changed your lifestyle, you should see a doctor to try and work out why and to make sure there are no other serious issues.

A small change in breast size could also mean that your cycle is starting. Your breasts might increase in size before your period and then reduce in size when your cycle starts.

Uneven Breast Sizes

Most of us have uneven breast sizes, with one being larger than another. Nobody has perfectly symmetrical breasts.

This is often perfectly fine, and shouldn’t be a concern. However, if one breast changes shape quite significantly, there is a chance it could be breast cancer. It is best to see your doctor right away for a proper exam.

Irritation Under Your Breast

If you notice irritation under your breast, you might be allergic to something in your bra. Some underwire in bras is made from nickel, which is a common allergen. There might also be some soap residue left on your bra which could cause irritation as well.

Irritation under your breast could also be a sign of inframammary intertrigo. This is when the crease between the bottom of your breast and the skin rub together and cause irritation. This is quite common in the summer. Some steroid cream or antibiotic cream could help with this.

Breast Hairs

You might notice that you have grown a few stray breast hairs, and this can be fine, but if there are quite a few, it might be cause for concern. It could mean that you have been exposed to a testosterone cream which could cause random hair growth.

It could also mean that you might have polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). PCOS causes your ovaries or your adrenal glands to produce high levels of male hormones, which results in cysts in the ovaries. You should consult your medical professional straight away if you suspect this.

Always be sure to pay attention and listen to your breasts, you never know what signs they could be sending about your health.

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