Mornings determine how the rest of your day pans out, but trying to have stress-free and smooth mornings with kids during the week is close to impossible! It is hard to have a happy and productive day if your morning is a mess. Successful mornings can only be achieved by the whole family working together, and with some planning. Here are some morning survival tips to keep you sane (and on time!).

Don’t Wait Till The Morning

Morning Survival Tips To Keep You And The Kids Sane (And On Time!) Don't Wait Till The Morning

As silly as it sounds, you cannot start your morning off on the right foot in the morning, you have to start the night before. There are many different things you can prepare the night before to ensure that your mornings are less stressful and less rushed.

  • Make lunches the night before. If your kids are old enough, get them to prepare the lunches for themselves at night, or you can get it done for younger kids. To avoid soggy sandwiches, simply prep the sandwich fillings at night, and quickly assemble the sandwiches in the morning.
  • School bags should all be fully packed before everyone goes to bed. This way nobody forgets anything in the morning rush.
  • Layout clothes for the next day, including socks and hair bands.
  • Make sure to fill up your gas tank the night before, to avoid the rush in the morning.

Create A Routine

Morning Survival Tips To Keep You And The Kids Sane (And On Time!) Create A Routine

Adults and children all thrive with a regular routine, which is why it is so important to implement a healthy and productive morning routine. Make goals and expectations clear, and work to outline a morning schedule for everyone. Make it feel more like teamwork so that nobody feels like they have been singled out.

It is also important to ensure that morning tasks are age-appropriate and encourage independence where possible. This way, you will be working towards quieter mornings with everyone taking care of their own tasks, and not constantly asking you for help.

Focus On Breakfast

Focus On Breakfast

As busy as mornings might be, you have to ensure that everyone has a healthy, fulfilling breakfast. This doesn’t mean you have to spend ages making bacon and eggs. Whole grain cereals and milk, yogurt with granola and fruit and even protein bars make for satisfying, tasty breakfasts that are quick to make. If you or your family prefer foods that take longer to make, you should try to make them ahead of time.

Keep Mornings Fun

Keep Mornings Fun

While it is important to have a set routine and for everyone to know their roles, mornings still need to be fun. There is no way to set you and your kids up for a happy day if the mornings aren’t happy.

Play music while everyone gets ready and let each member choose some songs for the morning playlist. Have a race to see who can get ready the quickest, and sit together, even for 5 minutes, in the morning, to talk about your day ahead and just to bond together before a busy day.

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