Kids’ birthday parties can be a stressful event for parents. This article will give you advice on how to plan a party such as a kid’s birthday party. The idea is to keep it as simple as possible and relax but as this is easier said than done sit back and let us do the hard work for you.

The first thing that anyone should do in planning any party should be to make a budget and stick to it. It sounds simple enough but believe me it is very easy to get carried away and overspend, so sticking to a budget could save you a lot of unnecessary costs.

Kids PartyLook into whether your child could have their birthday party with another child. Although this means that your child may feel that they are sharing their birthday. It will mean saving for you as you will only have to pay 50% of everything and there will be a reduction in the stress levels and the time spent planning also. Your child will still get to see all of their friends and still get presents which let’s face it is the most important part of any birthday for a child. However, it is also important that you make sure that you are compatible with the other parent in terms of similar ideas on design, budget, food etc as it needs to work for both of you and both children.

When practicable get the family to help you both with the planning and on the day of the party in setting up, playing games and sorting out food.  Give the grandparents the task of sorting out party games and aunty the job of sorting out the party favours and so forth.

Kids Party

Another aspect of party planning that can be stressful is sorting what day and time to have the party.  Most people choose a weekend party as the children are off school and so it is easier but if after school works better for your schedule due to weekend clubs and commitments then that is ok too.  In terms of timing morning parties have the benefits of the children being less tired and more energetic although these normally incorporate lunch and so food would need to be substantial. Equally afternoon parties can work in a strict budget as they are normally between meals and food would not necessarily need to be offered and if it is it would only be a small amount. However, this would leave you with hyperactive children in the afternoon and evening, so this would need to be weighed up.

Kids Party

The next step is deciding how long you would like the party to last. We would suggest that two hours would be the perfect number for children of any ages as younger children will get too tired with any longer and older children will get too overexcited.

When planning your party it would be best to avoid days such as public holidays and so forth as many families choose to spend these days doing things together as a family and this would avoid many people choosing not to come to the party.

You must choose a venue that is practical for your party needs and the needs of your guests.  Many people choose to have their parties in their homes, however, if this is not for you you must choose a venue that has ease of access, good parking facilities, good toilet facilities including baby changing and disabled changing, an area that food can be prepared and/or stored as well as considering that the size of the venue is right for the party you are planning. If you find a venue that you like you must book early enough as they tend to get booked up quickly.

Kids Party

If you would like entertainment at the party you must start looking and book the perfect act early as they will tend to get booked up way in advance and the same goes for any equipment that you require such as bouncy castles and so forth.

Every child has something that they are interested in and your child will be no different. So, it is important to remember that decorations can be made for very little cost and there are many different ideas on Google, Pinterest and so forth.

It can be stressful planning and having a children’s birthday party but hopefully, this article will help you.  Here is a checklist of things to remember to do or get for your children’s parties.

Useful Checklist:

  • Plan a budget
  • Look at venues
  • Look at entertainment/equipment and book early
  • Get/make decorations
  • send out save the dates
  • Send out invitations – if your child is unable to give names due to their age or any special needs that they may have then you can always check with their educational facility to obtain names.
  • Check whether children have any food intolerances
  • Chase up RSVPs
  • Party games
  • Party favours for party bags – these usually include sweets, little toys and games and birthday cake. If your child has a themed birthday this can usually be incorporated well into party bags.
  • Keep food as cheap as possible while still providing enough
  • Provide drinks for the adults
  • Explain to you child that all gifts will be opened after the party mainly because watching them being opened will not be much fun for the guests and if at home you can keep track of what gifts were given by whom.

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