So it is almost time to celebrate your first year of marriage – congratulations! Your first year together has more than likely had its ups and downs, while still being absolutely incredible! If you are wanting to spoil your partner, here are some romantic and practical gifts for your first anniversary!

This list covers gifts for the practical partner and the more sentimental as well. The traditional gift for the first anniversary is paper, and the more modern gift is a clock, but you don’t need to stick to this. Your relationship is unique, and your gifts should be too!

Couple’s Portrait

Romantic And Practical Gifts For Your First Anniversary Couple's Portrait

If you are wanting to keep things a little traditional with paper, but want to personalize the gift, you could have a couple’s portrait drawn up! This could be of you two on your wedding day, or your favourite photo together.

There should be some online artists near you who will be able to draw up your couple’s portrait, along with your wedding date at the bottom.

Experience Gift

Romantic And Practical Gifts For Your First Anniversary Experience Gift

Both of you might have everything you need, and another gift might just add more clutter to your home. Why not gift an experience instead? If both of you have always wanted to try bungee jumping or sky diving, why not pay to experience this together?

Marriage is all about creating memories and experiencing life together. This is the perfect gift that will give you both an experience to remember forever.

Picnic Backpack

Romantic And Practical Gifts For Your First Anniversary Picnic Backpack

It can be so hard to find time to spend together with life just being so busy nowadays. To motivate each other to do so, you should buy a picnic backpack as an anniversary gift. It gives you the perfect excuse to just escape outdoors, even if it is just for a day, to enjoy some time together.

The picnic bag will have everything you need for a comfortable meal outdoors, you just have to pack the snacks!

Date Night Jar

Romantic And Practical Gifts For Your First Anniversary Date Night Jar

Coming up with good date night ideas can be tough! To stop yourself wasting hours trying to think of what you can do for date night, gift your partner a date night jar instead! You can either buy these online or make them yourself. All you need is a jar and mini popsicle sticks to write date ideas on.

Luggage Set

Luggage Set

Travel might be a big part of your relationship, and to travel comfortably, you need a good travel set. Your partner will love being gifted a complete luggage set. Pick one which is good quality and long-lasting. It might be pricey, but good luggage can last a lifetime!

Anniversary Photo Book

Anniversary Photo Book

You more than likely have your wedding album made up, but what about the year after your marriage? Choose out some of the best photos from your first year of marriage, with the memories you have made along the way, and have them made into an anniversary photo book.

This might become a tradition, and you could land up with a new photo book for each year of your marriage! You will love looking back on the memories later on in life.

These romantic and practical gifts for your first anniversary are sure to be a hit!


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